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Post Viral Fatigue / M.E. /symptoms

Postby princess » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:58 pm

What is Post Viral Fatigue ?

ME is an illness characterised by a number of symptoms rather like a severe flu. It affects the body and the mind. It is also known as post viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS) and as fibromyalgia. It has probably been in existence for many years, but it is poorly understood and has been called by different names at different times. The characteristic features are fatigue which goes on for more than 6 months and for which no other cause can be found. It may follow an infection like flu or tonsillitis. The fatigue affects both mental and physical activity and is not relieved by rest. Other symptoms may include sweating, shivering, feeling cold, headaches and nausea. Bowel problems such as diarrhoea or constipation can occur. Visual problems and generalised aches and pains especially in muscles or joints may occur. Patients complain of poor memory and difficulty in concentrating. All these symptoms may vary from day to day and are often made worse by minimal physical or mental effort. Mood swings may occur and people may feel tearful and depressed. Patients become particularly frustrated that no clear explanation for their illness can be found. They are also somewhat characteristically "high achievers" who were more energetic than average prior to becoming ill.
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