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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby _Holistica » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:51 pm

I use Reiki and Crystals on my rabbits, they do react to it pretty well and have managed to keep some going longer than the vets thought they would.

I have been to a development circle, this year has been an opener to lots of things, and me accepting working with Angels and spirit... I've had a crisis of faith in myself though.. Just after Easter I fell in love with a Belgian Hare rescue rabbit, she came home with me and my little man (Dutch bunny), they didn't really get on the first time having little spats now and then so decided to have them in the house and I would sleep on the sofa to keep an eye on them. But within 2 minutes of Hester being in my house she was home.. that night I slept on the sofa with my rescue cat on my feet, Hester spread out along my side wanting a fuss all night and my little man jumping up every now and then for a fuss... best night EVER!!! even though I didn't get any sleep..

Anyways, she was my world, because the buns didn't get on I had one living in the shed out side and Hester living with me in the house, I was always greated with love and kisses whenever I came home and when I wasn't fighting with her for my food I would be curled up on the sofa with her - Heaven..

I only had her for two months and then she went ill, she never recovered and passed away in an oxygen tank, we believe she may have been ill before she came to me as she always wanted food and water... but she was so active in herself the vets didn't think there was anything wrong with her. I sent her Reiki on the Sunday she passed when I rushed her into the vets, but knew from the look of her I wouldn't be seeing her again :-( But a friend said to stay positive so I did, went shopping and bought her loads of herbs to take into her the next day. About nine pm that night I rang the vets as I hadn't heard anything from them and the on call said she would get the attending vet to call me.. so whilst waiting I thougt I will send her some reiki and visualised dowsing out negative energy but the dowser wouldn't move.. I said to myself 'she's gone' then a voice (my spirit guide or an Angel.. never worked it out who I am talking to) said 'she's alright' so I took it that I was being silly, I wasn't the vet called back to say she had passed in the last hour... well I fell out with whoever told me she was fine as she wasn't (I know she was technically fine as no longer suffering). I went to say my good byes the next day and noticed she had gone with her eyes closed, buns very rarely pass with their eyes closed, its one of the disturbing things about them.

I tell you that night of loosing her I was ready to end it, my bunnies are my anchors.. and I felt a failure at loosing her with only having her for two months... and blamed myself for somethings, as she had fluid on the lungs which I took was due to me syringe feeding her...

I didn't go to the development circle that week but went the week after thinking I should be okay.. at the beginning of the circle we generally meditate and go to a place to meet loved ones.. well who showed up but Hester and I'm in flood of tears, came out of meditation and argued with my guide saying it's not fair and him telling me that she is here to help me and Ishould accept that... I had two reading from other people that night, both linked into what had happened with Hester..

The Tuesday after loosing Hester I went to a pet shop and noticed a lovely little bun, my little man needing company I adopted her.. I have a scar in a rough shape of a t where she continually bit me after picking her up - her name is Tanzanite.. but on the first night I got her I took pictures.. one captured a brown moving orb... Hester was there...

So at the moment I have taken a break from the developing circle, I now know how to close myself off which has helped me sleep a lot better, I don't feel that the voice in my head is anything but my own... I ask for answers to things I don't know and don't get answers.. which is making me wonder if I'm going slightly crazy.

I always wondered if Hester was the soul from my first house bunny as they had similar personalities... still miss her soo much and near to tears saying all this...

Not sure when I will be ready to go back to the circle... I still sense being watched over and get the angels poking me on my nose at times to let me know they are still there... not sure if I am cared of facing Hester again as I know I am still not over her loss... I've not been able to bury her, she is the first bun I have cremated. I have a garden where I plant roses for every bun I have lost.. I have seven roses to get at the moment as I haven't been able to buy anymore in the last three years, but I am planning to move out in the next two years hopefully so don't feel comfortable leaving her in this garden.. I always said when we get our own house (mine and my pets) then things would be different.. so thinking of keeping her ashes until I get a house of my own and then spread her ashed in the new rose garden with a rose of her own... not sure if that is whats stopping me from finishing the greiving process... her ashes are still out in the living room ready to be put somewhere safe... just haven't had the energy to tidy my living room... am I keeping her here???
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby HazelB » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:40 pm

Awesome thread, I'm a Reiki master/teacher and crystal therapist, also psychic/medium and work with angels. Just heading to bed, but will come back and read posts properly over the weekend xxx
(soft hugs)
Hazel xxx
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby moomoos » Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:40 pm

Nice post Holistica....hope you feel better soon xx

Hi HazelB, hope you come back n tell us more xx
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby crystal18 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:35 pm

I'm also a Qualified Reiki Master Teacher in Traditional Eastern and Western methods, Crystal Therapist, Psychic Medium and Angelic Tutor and love working with animals especially my 6 cats. I use Crystal Reiki to help with pain relief for my FM as well as meds.

My eldest cat, a ginger and white tabby called Casper aged 15, loves Reiki. He will sit on my left leg facing me (believe me sometimes it really hurts me as one of my most sensitive pressure points is the inside of my knees) but the Reiki does us both the world of good.

Everyone that see Casper say is he a kitten!

Using meditation has helped me during the bad days and I pace myself due to the Energy required for readings etc. and I feel using complementary and Holistic Therapies make a difference.
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby buxbunny » Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:25 am

lol this topic again.

I have yet to read all posts but will do once im less fibrod

I went to have my fortune read it was very interesting. I tried my best to stay silent and just let her talk as to not give anything away or stir her in any direction but very fun and insightful. Duno if it was coincidence or i was letting something slip but was fun. Oh she said has alot energy and should come back to learn to be a light worker?
Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby felinefine » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:33 pm

Hi all

I read angel cards and a bit OCD on how many I have, but not done this much since my stroke in July, I also sit is a development circle for mediumship. I have done training in Reikara and animal Reiki, not practiced this much though. I love crystals and have many, use them for my own healing at the moment. Its lovely to know there are others here with similar interests.

It's my spiritualism that has really kept me going lately

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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby Allio » Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:23 pm

Hi, strange I should come acroos this now. I have been thinking of looking into different alternatives and reiki was one of them. I have always had an interest from a young age and read tarot cards for my sisters and nieces. I dont know the tarot inside out and use a book, but go with my feelings rather than the book most of the time. In fact as I am home a lot now as not able to work I was have been thinking about crystal healing and only yesterday looked up to see if I had a local spiritualist church.

I do hope we can have this as a catagory as it seems there is enough interest from a few ppl already :lol:
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby beckstar127 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:33 am

I have been told that i have a gift but i dont know how to channel into it. Also that i have a medium called linda.

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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby po-si-tive » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:36 pm

I love anything to do with angels, meditation, crystals, just sitting in silence and feeling grateful for what I have, and what I don't have.
I think, even though I'm in constant pain, 24/7, all these things help me to stay grounded.

Don't get me wrong though, I DO have "Is this it, Fibro forever, days too!" I'm human after all :lol:

I'm looking forward to some deep and meaningful conversations on here.

Donna xxx
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby sarahbridgewater81 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:56 pm

Hi All

I am really into the spirtual side of life, a friend of mine does reiki and its so calming and uplifting :-D I also have a great aunt who can speak to those on the 'other side' and i think it may have passed onto me cause i've experienced things i can't explain.

I look forward to deep and meaningful conversations with you likeminded peeps

Take Care all

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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby MistyBlue » Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:39 pm

I'm a psychic medium...have had training from international psychic mediums and sat in circle. My grandmother was a trance medium and it's been a natural way of life for me. I'm also a Spiritual Healer and practice Reiki on myself, and I've trained in crystal healing, metamorphic technique and Indian Head Massage. My home is full of crystals and I have many decks of cards, although I read better without them. I'm interested in astrology too. I do energy work on myself...grounding, clearing, and energy mapping to release residual energy held from past traumas. I haven't really done much with readings since becoming ill over a year ago.
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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby denys » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:31 am

Hope you manage to get back to it, I do believe there is something bigger than us out there :-D

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Re: For Those Interested In The Psychic, Mystic & Ethereal..

Postby HazelB » Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:22 am

Misty Blue, I'm very similar to you in that I gave up working as a psychic medium because of my health (I'm also qualified in reiki and crystal therapy) but recently I've been getting more and more signs that spirit were pushing me to start working again.
I made myself a Facebook page today, and offered to do free one-card readings to see how things go.
I might start to do full paid readings inn the future, but for the moment a few short readings at a time isn't going to be too much pressure for me. Xxx

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(soft hugs)
Hazel xxx
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