My new CPAP

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My new CPAP

Postby whoami » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:11 am

Yesterday I picked up my CPAP machine. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea well over a year ago, pretty well two.
I was in denial, didn't like the Dr. he did not explain a thing almost only said buy the machine. Anyway, I had another test done and it was worse than the first.

I was lucky, LOL, I am not sure about that, to get a brand new to the market machine. The first in the area to have one. My hubby laughed and said of course, the newest model costs more,LOL

I tried it last night. I haven't noticed anything different other than the blister on my nose from the mask and the stiff neck and shoulder this morning.

Ever since my accident that injured my neck I hold my head on a tilt. When I strap on the mask it puts my head straight. I think. That is why I have the sore neck and shoulder. My hubby thinks I maybe lay down differently with it.

I can't use only the nose mask because I breath through my mouth. I also have a blister on my nose but I need to call them. I told them I have a latex allergy and they were sure there is no latex. I shall see what tomorrow brings.

Does anyone else use a CPAP? Curious to the cost in the UK. Here it was around £2000. And a new mask is £200
The added benefit to this one is that it also works like an APAP in automatically adjusting the force.

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