Another good laugh and weekend!

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Another good laugh and weekend!

Postby whoami » Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:03 am

So as some may know over 2 years ago my hubby put his hand through a table saw at work. He has had numerous surgeries to try to correct things but there are permanent issues.

Because he could not use his right hand he over compensated with his left arm and has damaged it. The Drs have said they might try more surgery in 2 months but it looks permanent. He may also be on permanent disability.

Anyway we decided to go camping again since we had a fun time 2 weeks ago.

Between the two of us, a few curse words and yelling, throwing of sway bars, laughing till I peed, etc. we managed to get the 30ft. caravan hooked up and then headed to the great north. We got there fine and once again the colourful language and laughter started as we set up in the dark after a 5 hour drive.

So, people must have been having a good laugh watching and listening. It took 2 of us to turn the jack, LOL We had lights on inside...great, Ron took his reg meds and 3 oxycontin as he was in pain. I took mine, crawled into bed and went to turn on my CPAP and nothing. Of course I woke hubby up to investigate.

Outside he trails in the dark, (not much on) through heavy woods laden with poisen ivy. He finally found the hydro hookup and I heard, along with the rest of the park..For f..... sake! I then howled with laughter as i heard the breaker get flipped on.

Back in bed....a knock on the trailer door. I forgot I had the CPAP mask on as I opened it....the ranger screamed, hubby jumped out of bed and ran to the door I laughed at the ranger wondering what was on my face and the hose hanging from it and him then scared again at hubby running from bedroom naked. Me, I again laughex at the funny side of the night. The ranger had wondered if we needed help....yes about an hour before, LOL

About an hour or so later someone came in late (probably around 2) and was setting up. Voices travel at night over the lake. All we heard was a man yelling at a woman to shut up and stop telling him how to set up the tent. She wouldn't let up. The man was getting more frustrated and as he yelled we laughed at the thought of what might be going on.

Fifteen minutes later we hear another for f.....sake (it must be a man thing) and the sound of tent poles and equipment being thrown into a car. The woman still shouting about how things should go . We heard a car screech out and the next morning heard that the man had left the woman stranded as he went home with equipment, LOL

Another fun adventure for us.....what will happen next week? LOL

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Re: Another good laugh and weekend!

Postby LouLou » Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:40 am

Lol Whoami what a great story to read on a Monday morning.

So glad you guys had a great time, FM can sometimes take over a lot of our lives, our thoughts and decisions but sometime syou just need to tell it where to go and have a laugh!

I look forward to your next instalement lol
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Re: Another good laugh and weekend!

Postby csangel » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:22 am

Hi Whoami,

Thank you for brightening up my Monday :-D You always manage to look on the bright side, and it's really inspiring how you deal with difficult situations!

It's good to know it's still possible to have a laugh at your own or others misfortunes! :yikes: and also how it happens to other people, it's not just us! :lol:
Health is not valued until sickness comes. ~Thomas Fuller
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