To sleep or not!

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To sleep or not!

Postby whoami » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:57 am

As we all know our sleep patterns can be horrific at times.

Sleep for me had been getting worse and worse. I blamed it on the fibro, the numerous surgeries and prolonged healing, my thyroid cancer, just about everything, LOL The thing is it really didn't matter what was causing it, things had to change.

I went for a sleep study, actually I have had three now. Anyway, sleep apnea is a diagnosis. I was sleeping less than 10 minutes in an hour and I stop breathing every four minutes. I was fitted out with a CPAP machine.

Let me tell has made the world of difference. I now sleep for about 2 hours without waking. I still stop breathing quite a bit but the machine makes sure my airway is open and I get air.

They called me from the clinic and from the latest results I need the machine's pressure to be increased, that's ok. The thing is, one thing has not changed. I drop to sleep instantly at times, even mid conversation. I am afraid to drive as I went off the road already. Thank heavens nobody else was driving near me.

The therapist is also concerned because I stop breathing when I am awake. I forget what it is called but the brain forgets to say breath, LOL My hubby has actually nudged my shoulder and said breath because my lips would be blue. We could be walking around the store for instance when this happens. It doesn't feel like when you hold your breath and get that suffocating feeling and you just automatically breath. I have only passed out once, somebody or something has jolted me and I breath .

I would encourage everyone to ask to have a sleep study done. Sleep apnea is very common in fibro patients. I now wake up like I have had a great sleep, not exhausted still. Even though I still nap, with the machine on I have had a good full sleep. It does not change me being exhausted at times, only that when I sleep, I sleep.

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Re: To sleep or not!

Postby Iceskatemum » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:56 am

Sorry to hear that yo have had to go through more tests etc Whoami but so glad that it had a positive outcome that you wake up feeling even a little refreshed . There are so few sleep clinics around my area I think it may be much harder to get a sleep study done in this country but will mention it next time I see the GP after all they can only say no, always good to hear about other prolem linked to FM that don't fit snuggly into suymptoms.

While I haven't fallen alseep in public I have been out & about and had that overwhelming urge that I need to sleep , it almost becomes a physical ache, thankfully have been with OH at the time and he has had to drive home . It must be very frightening to just drop like a stone or need a nudge to get you breathing again.

Again good luck with things and thnking about you as always.
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