Fibrositis or Fibromyalgia?

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Fibrositis or Fibromyalgia?

Postby WF2K » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:18 am


I'm new here, I was diagnosed with FM in 2014, I feel as though my GP didn't know a lot about it, she didn't refer me to anywhere to have other things ruled out, didn't ask for blood tests, she did a pressure point test from information she had printed out, I mean to be fair, I had tried the things you would usually to help FM before being diagnosed with it, I initially went with her about FM and CFS but she didn't really believe CFS was a thing. I then changed medical centres due to moving home, saw another GP there who I asked to refer me, she declined, said she would need a good reason as the NHS is backlogged, she then said she would "update the coding correctly" for FM, I obviously didn't know what she meant, but she didn't do it before she left the surgery because I've had two patient summaries and they both say "fibrositis unspecified", I then saw another GP because I thought I might have another health problem to do with your mouth (I never remember how to spell it), she then asked for blood tests which all came back as normal, she then also went with FM and said a specialist would do the same as her which was to rule out other problems.

What my question actually is.. does it matter if it says "fibrositis" in my medical records rather than fibromyalgia? I've had some tell me it does and I should try and get it updated, which I've already tried to do and I've had a couple of people tell me that it is also called "fibrositis" and then I've had others who have never heard of it. From my understanding, fibrositis is a very old term used for FM before it was known as Fibromyalgia and when little was known about it, fibrositis is a swelling of the connective tissues/muscles whereas, with FM you don't have swelling, it's what they call a misnomer.

I'm really just looking for info before I send my letter to the medical centre, I sent assistant practice manager a note just before Christmas querying a few things, she seems to have totally misunderstood what was being asked and has addressed things I never asked about and not addressed something I did ask about. I'm thinking about moving to another medical centre because the staff at the current one seem to lack understanding and empathy in regards to mental health and FM and how they affect each other. I've had one GP tell me that going in for appointments might help, how? I'm ill for days before and after when I have to go out because my anxiety flares up and then flares my FM up.

Sorry about the mini rant there.

thanks in advance.
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