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Postby emmalouise2 » Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:28 pm

im 18years old! I should be at uni this year but ive had to restart my college course and do it from home. I work... when i can. lately thats not been much! since the change in weather ive had a really s******* time! i was getting out regularly with my friends, gettin into work more and getting on with some colege work. I was really working hard on my physio and building up my strength in my arms and legs and since this big flare up i feel lik im back at the begining again! what is the point! i work really hard to overcome my fm n get on with my life but sometimes i jus feel so out of control. I should b laying in bed all day because ive been out drinking n dancing the night before not because i cant walk!! i try to stay positive all the time but sometimes its difficult... seems lik once i start writing i cant stop!
Most of my friends that knew about my fm have moved on to uni... so atm im finding it really difficult to confide in people about my problems. I dont want to seem like im winging all the time, so i fake my walking as best as i can which is probably not the best idea in the world because it takes up all of my energy. Either that or I just dont go out!
I still live at home with my parents and bro n sis... and they do there best but they still get frutrated ith me when sometimes i cant do my share of the washing up and stuff like that. They try to understand and my parents generally do but my ro n sister are 14/16 and they dont really understand... or choice not to i dont no! I find it really difficult to get close to new people. I've been going out with a new guy for the last 2months but feel no closer to him now then i did at the begining because im constantly think wh does he want to be with a girl whos body works parttime... which is stupid becuase i know he genuinely cares about me! but i ant shake the feeling and then i end up pushing people away without meaning to!
I love my job. its only parttime at sainsburys and its not really the job i love but just gettin out the house and havin my own money. but because im not in regularly i dont tend to have friends because they move on to different jobs or make other friends.
I started at the begining to explain to people whatt was the matter with me but because its been so long now people dont care anymore or they forget. and its not exactly a known ilnes for 18-20year olds! I never heard o it before i got diagnose a yr and half ago. They dont understand how somedays i can work my full shift without having any problems at all and otherdays i struggle to stand up.
LIke i said earlier i try to stay positiv tho and most f the time im able to its just sometiems things get on top of me.. lik they most probably do with everyone with this condition.
Thank you to the creator of this forum its helped me realise a lot of my feelings and wil hopefully get rid of some of the pressure on my shoulder :)
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Postby gillshutt » Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:47 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum ((xx))

So sorry you have FM at such a young age. :(

If you have any questions just ask, glad you found us and feel free to have a moan or a scream or even a laugh :)

Gill x
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Postby Corinne » Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:01 pm

Hi & Welcome.

Its sad to see so many new young people with FM ((hugs)) but I'm glad it means its being recognised & people are starting to get the help they need.

You are certainly not alone here & there are other forums out there too, FM is slowly getting more recognition.

It sounds like you are doing really well in keeping going & not giving in, but remember you need to pace yourself & do things in short bursts or you will burn yourself out (as I think you've been doing) sometimes less is more as they say :wink:

I hope you find us helpful & supportive & as Gill says any questions just ask! :)

Corinne x
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Postby juliet » Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:38 pm

hi emma louise

just thought i would say welcome and im a young 'un too, im 22 and i think you will find there are a few of us around on the forum, if ever you want to chat just send me a PM. i know exactly how you feel hun, i hate watching my friends go out and have a good time and me being stuck at home, or if i do go out not bing able to enjoy myself coz of the pain.
im at uni at the moment, trying to do a masters in engineering, studying is not easy at all im so far behind at the moment i dunno when im gonna be able to catch up but i do enjoy my course and thats what keeps me going!

so sending you big hugs and just to let you know your not alone!
Juliet xxx

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Postby shewhosings » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:32 pm

Yes there are definitely a few of us young ppl around here who know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm 24. You're not alone. Just keep in contact with people who understand. There's a good thread on here somewhere that is along the lines of "how to explain to people how fibro feels". It has quite helpful analagies!

Take care x


Postby princess » Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:21 pm

Dear Emma Louise,

We had a little 14 year old on the forum who had been bedridden for l year I still e-mail her off and on, but she left because she tought there were no kids on the forum -not that your a child, i meant younger people.
I will try and see if she will come back on seeing as there are some younger people on here now.
Its hard forus all but at least some of us have lived, cant even appreciate how you feel at your age to have this bagger of a illness.
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Postby Lucy-Lemon » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:08 pm


well im lucy the 14 yr old (now 15 :wink: ) on here :) not quite bedridden but almost, i only get out for appointments and just about get out for 2 lessons at school a week - in my wheelchair and it really sets me back.

im sorry you have it so young, its awful to have. really makes the education system hard to crack into. i ended up missing a whole term of year 9 because my school wouldn't get any home tutoring started up for me. i've jsut started my GCSE's this year and its become a bit of a battle, i'm way behind in all subjects except science (which i did my first test for last week) and its not my fault, i never get any work sent though :roll: i hope your home course is going ok.

the social effect this has on us is hard to come to terms with, and sometimes even the friends you thought understood everything can't et their heads round this. unfortunately for us their lives go on, with or without us. i always put on a smile and a brave face for visitors, because not many people come to see me - if i was angry and sad all the time they would never come back, so i put on a brave face and act like nothing is wrong with me. its hard, and i find it hard to confide in my friends too, but i have a few online friends who are really great (princess and a few others) and have helped me alot of the last few months. if you wanted to talk anytime i will gladly give you my email.

unfortunately FM doesnt just affect us, it affects our family too. i think younger people find it harder to understand this, my older sister can't get her head round it all and often gets frustrated with me. im glad your parents try to understand, are they very supportive? support is extremely important - i am very close to my mum and she has been great this year, i dont know what i'd do without her.

i have found explaining fibro to people very difficult, but there are things (such as the spoon theory - the link is somewhere on the site) that may be useful to print off to give to people. fibro is not very well understood anyways, but especially for teens and children. it is so hard to explain as theres no "normal" or consitancy. well it confuses me so how im meant to explain it to others i dont know :lol:

all i can say is keep fighting, keep strong and you will get there eventually. us young'uns apparently have more of a chance of recovering....just dont lose hope. we're all here if you need to moan :)

take care,

Lucy x
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Postby emmalouise2 » Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:08 pm

hey thankyou for all your support... last week was a particularly bad week and its great that there are new people to talk to that understand!

i went to one of them health shop things earlier this wk... theres so many tablets n supliments n stuff that it was difficult to choose which ones mite help... i ended up gettin one for sleeping problems and one for painful muscles and joints.. doesnt hurt to try new things!

Anyway... thanks again for all your messages! =)

take care.. Emma xx
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