knee pain

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knee pain

Postby elaine ann » Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:57 pm

hello i have been having trouble with my right knee.after i have been sitting for about five mins i get a throbbing in my knee that moves down to my ankle and it is really painful then pins and needles in my foot anyone else have this problem?
best wishes
elaine ann
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Postby Beth » Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:45 pm

I get throbbing in my knees when sitting sometimes. its usually relieved by moving it or trying to walk on it. I try to strech every ten mins or so to prevent it.
Hope this helps
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Postby IanR » Tue Feb 14, 2006 7:09 pm

unfotunatly elaine ann that is one thing that i get regular and is all part of FM happens to me in both legs at least 1 time a dat and sometimes on and off all day long and in both legs at same time :cry:

not found any thing to easy or stop it happening sorry not got any helpfull answer for ya
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Links with other conditions

Postby mairi » Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:22 pm

Long ago I was told I might have ankylosing spondylitis and on researching this condition realised I had a history and symptoms that matched. Years later I was told I had fibro, then sometime after that M.E./C.F.S. as well.
Looking recently at the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society's(NASS's) site I was struck by the number similar posts to those on this site. There are queries and comments and helpful suggestions about the same symptoms. You'll see posts about knee pain there. ME/CFS. sites too are worth investigating for other advice, etc.
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