I'm in the recovery position now lol

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I'm in the recovery position now lol

Postby armanisgirl » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:43 pm

Wow! What a busy day I had yesterday! All were things that I could have and probably should have stretched out over several days....but in my fibro vocabulary, could've and should've are 'non-words' lol.

Other half had to go to drop something off at his mates in Liverpool, but had also been threatened that if he wanted the car left in one piece, he had to take me to the dentist at 11am! :lol: So, we both got up (my usual time, but for him that was crack of dawn :lol: ) and he took the kids to school while I had a shower. When he got back, we had a quick cuppa and then headed off to his mates. Got there by 9.15am, so spent 2 hours chatting and having a cuppa, then I did my teeth (actually remembered to take toothbrush & paste with me!), and headed back homewards for my dentist appointment.

11.15am I gripped the arms of the chair as the dentist gave me the injection. Omg, that was torture! As you know, I am a dental-phobe, so this was like very traumatic for me. It felt like the needle was coming through my nose! Very quickly, my nose was numb, leaving me terrified that I would either drip everywhere and not be aware, or that because my nose/eye socket was numb, no way could the teeth being worked on be numb. The tears were streaming, OH being the usual - oh get a grip, you're worse than a child! That nearly set me into hysterics!

I had a half hour appointment, to get a crown done. 4 lots of impressions were done - each one caused me to gag! (I can't abide having that big thing wedged in my mouth and feeling like it's suffocating me!). But the major miracle of the day.....not once did I feel any of the treatment! :woot: That is the first time in years that I've had pain-free dental treatment done (apart from the injecion lol). I was so chuffed and thanked the dentist like a mad woman when he'd finished! :lol: So, I'm now sporting a lovely (??) temporary crown and well on my way to :D instead of :| or :)

A quick visit to my friend for an attempt at a cup of tea (mouth was frozen til 4.45pm lol) and then we headed back home. Then I decided nope, I want to go and get the kids something, so dragged OH to the retail park, and bought a 12ft trampoline & enclosure! Not a good idea when you have fibro and OH has had 2 strokes in the past! It weighs a ton!! We got a nice young lad (he was very dishy! :wink: ) to carry the boxes to the car and put them in the boot. We then headed home for another cupps before puzzling how us two invalids were going to get the damn things out the car! After a lot of swearing and huffing and puffing, we somehow got them into the back garden (note to self - NEVER offer services as a coffin bearer!). Another cuppa and a few ciggies to calm the screaming muscles, then the obstacle of building trampoline and enclosure before kids got home from school. Things went well until OH decided he'd take over the 'supervisor' role of organising the construction of the enclosure. Needless to say, he did not read the instruction, which led to me growling at him he was doing things wrong, him swearing at me that if I thought I knew everything I could build the &%$"!@# thing myself! I smugly showed him the instructions, which led to enclosure being rapidly assembled! :lol: :tongueout:

I went of to pick kids up. Son came out first, and all excited told me he'd got his SATs results. He had made himself very ill during the week of the SATs, terrified because he's not at all confident academically and needs learning support. I'd told him I really didn't care if he passed or failed the tests (I think it's appalling they have to do them), as long as he attempted to answer most questions. His results were a level 5 for reading, and level 4 for the rest! So he excelled his own expectations and was on a major high! I was quite choked to see him so chuffed, and made a huge fuss of him and how proud I was of him, and told him as a special treat, he could make me a cup of tea when we got home!! :lol: :lol: ok, sick, I know!

Got home, told him and his sister to wait and not run round the back of the house. They looked at me as if I was totally mad (I probably am lol), and as we got round the corner, they saw the trampoline - both were screeching like parrots lol. So they are most definately happy with my purchase! :lol: I then decided it was too hot and I couldn't be bothered cooking, so we went for a chippy tea (haven't had one for months and months, so it was a bit of a treat for all of us). As soon as they'd finished, both were back out bouncing like clowns. Definitely my best purchase for a while :D

When I told my daughter it was time to come in and go to bed, she was not overly impressed :lol: but never mind. But I got a bight of a shock as she came in - her top was sticking to her (how can it not in this heat), and I'm positive I saw little bumps starting to grow! :yikes: :yikes: she's only 9!! :yikes: :yikes: I'm not ready for this!! Where has my little girl gone? She's meant to be my baby, she's not meant to grow up!!! So, I'm a little bit in shock! I ended up phoning a mate and telling her lol. Her daughters are a year/2 years older than mine, so she knows how I feel lol. By the time I realised the room was almost pitch black it was 11pm :lol: Woops! OH said he hoped I'd hung up every 59 mins :lol: but she'd phoned me back as she doesn't have to do that! I'm not daft haha.

So today I'm in the recovery position after all my dramas and shocks yesterday - on the sofa, feet up, trying not to nod off until the kids are in bed. My right wrist and fingers are really stiff and sore from setting up the trampoline, my feet are hot ( :yikes: there's a first!) and a bit swollen (that'll be the heat) and y ankles are quite sore - not sure why ankles are sore though, and no, I haven't gone on the trampoline! :lol: It's too hot to get comfy anywhere. But I can sit here and enjoy listening to the squeals of fun from the 2 kids, and that is like heaven :D
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Re: I'm in the recovery position now lol

Postby jazie » Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:36 am

excellent ,really enjoyed reading your story :lol: had me in stitches :lol: i recently sold our trampoline ,be carefull as my seven year old broke her ankle on it, and she didnot fall out it was the way she landed :yikes: anyway your much braver than me as i cant even think about dentist, i get the shakes :crazy: good on you :clap:
take care jazzie
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Re: I'm in the recovery position now lol

Postby Doughnut » Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:39 am

You deffo need to rest! I loved reading your day... sounded so much like one of mine when me and a partner brought stuff home from Ikea lol!

Hope you rest well x

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