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Postby jan » Fri Aug 04, 2006 1:57 pm

Went to my GP yesterday and rattled my pill dispenser at him explaining that although i take baclofen 10mg 3 times a day....naprosyn 500mg 2 times a day and tramadol 50mg x2 four times a day i still dont get ANY relief from pain. Well hes now referred me to a rheumatologist as the last time i saw one was when i was diagnosed 3 yrs ago while living in the highlands. Am so pleased but why has this taken so long? Feeling really ill today and want to crawl up somewhere and sleep for days as im so tired, cant be bothered to do anything, and hurt like hell . hope your having a better day than me . jan x
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Postby mairi » Fri Aug 04, 2006 2:42 pm

Understand your hell, if I may use the term. Years ago I was on 100mg Amytriptiline, Naproxyn and Co-proximol---still had the pain, the fatigue and felt like a zombie.
Care under the GP is a misnomer usually and the Rheumies appointments are long awaited and short when they come round!
Do you get the Fibro. magazine? There are a couple of pages on meds. written by Devin Staranyl in the August issue - worth reading.
Feel much like you today-- am already under a blanket with a hot-water bottle but trying to get up now and again to stretch. Hope you can get some much needed sleep. The bright sunshine and heat have given me different symptoms so am pleased when it is a dull day!
Take care
(PS, Rheumies in the Highlands--there can't be many. It was great you were diagnosed there. Hopefully you had good treatment.)
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