If it wasn't for bad luck... I'd have no luck!!

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If it wasn't for bad luck... I'd have no luck!!

Postby bumcheek » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:25 am

I displaced fractured my heel bone in January and now have to have fusion surgery.
Has anyone had surgery like this ?? How will having surgery affect me afterwards??
I get absolutely no help/support from my GP & my hospital consultant isn't much help either..
I'm trying to find a new GP who has at least been bothered to find out about FMS, but not much luck there!!
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Postby louiseb » Wed Jun 13, 2007 5:39 pm

Hiya bumcheek (love ur user name, v. funny) :lol:

What you are having done sounds painful. I cant answer any of your questions but I think after any surgery people can be in pain. Much more so for Fibromites. Pain levels can hit the ceiling.
Its hard if your GP and Cons are not interested or dont know about Fibro.
Have you tried writing down a list of questions and asking your GP. I know I forget so much when I go in and it really helps me.

One thing to REALLY think about, when you go in you should try to make sure that the staff know you have Fibro, even if its a letter. Tell them you have it, give a quick list of symptoms and tell them you are in pain even without surgery.
After surgery you may need high dosage of pain killers or even Oramorph which as its says is morphine based. If the staff know before then that might help you. IF NOT, it is your RIGHT to ask for the level of pain killer that will help. Shout if you have to.

Hope u get on ok, try not to worry. Easy to say I know.
Louiseb :)
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