Setting up a support group HELP!!!

Find a support group in your area or find out if there are others with whom you could start up a group.

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Re: Setting up a support group HELP!!!

Postby Harley » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:21 pm

Thank you Woodentop, you are a star. :clap:

I was starting to get the :banghead: feeling but all this info has given me some direction at last.
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Re: Setting up a support group HELP!!!

Postby Woodentop » Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:24 pm

Glad I've been able to help Harley. It's often the little things that can get overlooked and you wonder why you didn't think of them before -especially with our foggy brains! Good luck with it all
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Re: Setting up a support group HELP!!!

Postby bevpope » Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:44 pm


As regional co-ordinator for wales and working with fma uk, I would like to point out that your group would be totally independantly run. You work under FMA charity number, as long as you state you work with them. FMA Uk are only there for help and advice if needed !!!! They do not have an input into how you run. You can either be a committee run group or informal coffee morning.

For more info check

Bev Pope
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