Am i being too sensitive?

Find a support group in your area or find out if there are others with whom you could start up a group.

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Re: Am i being too sensitive?

Postby Deegill » Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:30 pm

When i first went to an established support group, i too was left out, everyone else seemed so much more better of than me, talking about work, what they did in the garden, what they are doing for the weekend. I went for a year, but i wasnt getting out of it what i felt i needed, support, talk about health, ideas etc.

So i set up my own group, and how happy am i now that i've done it. Any newcomers are more than welcome, and my group welcome with open arms, literally!

I hand out information, i do up todate research or any other info, and they take them home and go through them at their leisure, they are also welcome to come with a friend, partner, carer etc, it can be daunting to come alone, but it's also great they want to be supportive too.

Go again, be good to make friends, you might even enjoy it.
A smile a day keeps the doctor away!

Denise xx
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