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Postby Artisan » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:16 pm

Dear Members

In order to maintain some sort of sensitivity and order here on The UK Fibromyalgia Forums, we ask that you remember a few basic rules, which usually apply to almost all email discussion lists and web-based forums the world over.

The role of the moderators is to help you with the forums and any posts that you may have any concerns about. If you wish to contact someone, just click on the name of one of the moderators for the relevant forum to message them, but please be aware that not all moderators are online all the time so you might not receive a reply immediately.

If a moderator asks you to tone down your comments or rewrite a post, please do so, as not complying can lead to removal from the UK Fibromyalgia Forums. Moderators decisions are final!

The simple rules are:

1. You MUST complete your profile! Incomplete profiles may lead to your account being deleted as part of our efforts to reduce spam and make our Forums a better place to be for our legitimate users. NO commercial web sites or spamming via your profile please! Links to personal websites are, of course, allowed.

Do not add any information to your profile that indicates where you live - this includes linking to mapping websites such as Google Maps, Bing, etc.

2. Do not post any virus or spam warnings directly to the forum. Send them instead to our Moderator Team, so that we can validate them first, before posting them to a special web page or group folder for all to see.

3. Do not spam the forums, or our members directly, either by posting unauthorised commercials to the group or by repeatedly posting the same message.

4. Please do not use rude or vulgar language in posts! Also, no offensive photographs. Please note that typing your message in ALL CAPITALS is the equivalent of shouting and is considered to be bad "netiquette".

5. Sometimes, arguments and heated debates do occur, but please try and keep these off-forum wherever possible. We do not allow trolling… saying things to provoke another member, flaming… saying anything derogatory about another member, or spamming… posting something just to boost the post count on your thread or posting irrelevant comments on a thread.

6. Anyone poaching our members for their own ends, for example to join their new FM forum (or their FM Forum's Facebook page/group), will have their membership discontinued.

7. Soliciting names, addresses and telephone numbers is not allowed.

8. Web links other than personal non-commercial websites and blogs are not allowed, e.g. no B&B or property, health cures, drugs, professional services, and of course no porn.

9. Members who encourage others to commit illegal acts of any sort will be banned without discussion.

10. Discriminatory remarks of a homophobic or racist nature are illegal and will not be tolerated.

11. Links to external websites in messages are only allowed where they are relevant to the message. Removal of links is at the discretion of the moderator(s).

12. The Founder, Administrator and the Moderators reserve the right to unsubscribe and, if necessary, ban anyone who behaves unreasonably or refuses to follow basic netiquette as explained at:

We hope you enjoy being a part of this online community and find the main site both informative and invaluable.

Thank you for your time in reading these rules and helping us run a successful online community.
Malcolm (UKFM Forum Admin)
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