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Posting Clearly

Postby gillshutt » Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:42 pm

Please could everyone take a little time to consider their new threads and answer posts. A few simple things can make a big difference to your post being read or ignored.

1) Please use capital letters where appropriate but do not post all in capitals as this is considered SHOUTING on a forum and makes for very difficult reading.

2) Please break your longer posts up in to paragraphs, again for ease of reading. A long post all in one large block of test is iable to be ignored as it is very hard to read.

3) Please refrain from using text speak. Not everyone understands this type of information and will be unable to understand what you are saying.

4) Thread titles. Please try to make these as simple but as informative as possible otherwise other members will not know what your thread is about and may not even open it to look.

5) If you put what you are on about in the title of your new thread then you will probably get a few more answers... especially in the meds and living boards. If you put what med you are talking about or what symptom in your title then people can see at a glance what it's all about and whether they can help or also need to know something about it.

If everyone tries to follow these simple rules then it will make life easier for all and your posts and threads will generate as many answers as possible so you will get as much help as possible. There is a post preview you can use which will show you what your post will look like so you can check it before you post it.
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