I've done my first yoga session - at home

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I've done my first yoga session - at home

Postby Karou » Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:13 am


I went out last weekend because I needed jeans and a dressing gown. My friend was with me and needed something from argos.So I looked around and saw this DVD for 10 pounds. It's yoga for absolute beginners and I thought that might be worth trying.

No need for extra equipment or fees and I can even be in pyjamas lol

So this morning I watched the exercises and then tried them. Some I can't do but they keep reminding you not to if you feel you can't. Feeling a bit tired now but it was a really good stretch and my back isn't so stiff right now. Heard lots of snap, crackle, pop and not just in the back. Fibro isn't too impressed right now but my mood is. I'm feeling a lot more positive because I tried something new and was successful. :-)

Will continue I think and even if I'll never be able to do all exercises, at least I'm able to move a bit. Yay! :mrgreen:

Just had to share this, brain is a bit foggy so I hope I'm making sense. :crazy:
Gentle :hugs: :hugs: , Karou

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