North West getaway .....

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North West getaway .....

Postby macca » Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:51 pm

Hi all, having made it through the last couple of years and some pretty dark times in the process, me and mrs Mac were looking forward to a nice chilled relaxing christmas to take stock and recharge. Of course fate intervened and us and the kids have had the pleasure of being ill over christmas. Bad enough for me and the kids, particularly unpleasant for mrs Mac.

So looking ahead and thinking of planning a get away for me and the mrs. My wife's personality has been impacted by her illness over the last couple of years in particular. She doesn't handle being in crowds well, and mobility is an issue. That as you might expect has begun to impact what we can do the way of short breaks. The last time i planned a getaway was in august of this year. Everytime i brought the idea up my wife avoided the subject. Ultimately i had to force it and we found a holiday let in north wales, it was a ground floor only build attached to a farmhouse. It was in the middle of nowhere with a jucuzzi which my wife found very theraputic. Ultimately she was glad that we booked it and she had three enjoyable days.

So i'm putting the feelers out to get some ideas of places to consider. We'd prefer north west but will consider further afield. Ideally somewhere quiet and peaceful and ground floor only with easy access.

So can any of you lads and lasses recommend anywhere to consider ?

If so any links appreciated all.

Cheers, Mac.
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Re: North West getaway .....

Postby whoami » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:00 pm

Well I must say anywhere back home in North Yorkshire would be heaven to me. Living in Canada now I really am no good at suggesting a place to stay.

If you can get online and look around a bit and find suitable accomodation, take a few days and head to Whitby. This place can relax me more than other places I have been including, Mexico, California or the Bahamas LOL

How nice of you to think of your wife this way. You are one of a kind in a small group of men.

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