threatened with duck tape!

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threatened with duck tape!

Postby galio » Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:48 am

well having hms as well as my fibro is fun at times! I am still in the denial phase and do things without thinking of the consequences, today I was speaking to my son and his OT ( who was assessing what he needs in his new house as some of his stuff from home won't fit)and explaining how i had been helping children at work with an exercise in telling the time, I demonstrated the positions of o clock half past and the quarter to and past positions with my hand well of course I was over extending my wrist joint so my son said he would put my wrist splints on with duck tape so I couldn't get them off, my reply was you will have to catch me first oh and by the way I will hide your stick lol. but later when i sat and thought about it no wonder the visiting teacher was watching me with a strange look on her face :crazy: she obviously hasn't seen anyone with HMS before. ah well tonight I am paying for it but it was rather funny, thank goodness the OT knows us well to and she shares our sense of humour, she invited me to a meeting to try new splints that would be coated in super glue first lol.
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