Happy Purple Penguins of Happiness Day

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Happy Purple Penguins of Happiness Day

Postby nobby » Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:24 am

This is something that my husband, myself and our best friend came up with awhile ago and it makes us laugh so I thought I'd share!

Today is the 2nd Annual Purple Penguins of Happiness Day.

On this auspicious day the aim is to eat gooey bad for you foods like cake, brownies, chocolate sundays, or basically any food dripping in either chocolate or cheese or is fried. If possible all three.

It is also the aim to share these gifts with those you love or frankly anyone, including those you don't love. Be happy and cheerful and know that on this day the food has no calories, there is no diet breaking, there is no guilt.

The aim of Purple Penguins of Happiness day is happiness without hurting others. That's what the Purple Penguins stand for and what they will bring us if we let them into our lives.

The Husband is taking treats into his office in honor of Purple Penguins of Happiness day, but if you just have a piece of cake, a bath, a glass of wine and a trashy movie and feel good and satisfied, then the Purple Penguins will bring their gifts to you!

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Re: Happy Purple Penguins of Happiness Day

Postby gillshutt » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:56 am

No fair :cry: I can't eat anything without it hurting my ribs :cry: I'll have to have a chocolate mousse.. got some in the fridge for the kids :D
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