Bats in the church

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Bats in the church

Postby princess » Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:07 pm

A small country church with bats in the roof - the minister is fed up as she has tried everyhthing to get rid of them.
So she is at a Ecumenical meeting and she starts to tell of her problem of bats.
She says - i tried to shoot them, but they left and came back.
I tied to burn them out, but i only defaced my church
I netted them and took them 100mmiles away and when i got back they were back.

A young gentleman minister said oh i had that trouble and i sorted it.
Oh says the lady minister how did you manage that.

He said well i christened them, gave them all a name, then i made them members of my church and they never came back.

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