massage/reflexology me time

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massage/reflexology me time

Postby animalhouse » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:43 am

yesterday afternoon i had some me time for the first time since my hydro finished in february. :D :D

i had a massage and reflexology, as my guy is now at college also doing relexology/aromatherapy and it was lovely.

i have n;t had one for weeks as with the no on dla i feel guilty spending the money and will have to limit to once a week.

i noticed i had not had one for ages/or done any swimming (with flu house at moment) as i was very stiff anklesss and nerves twittching again like they use to.

i am feel very sore today adn i remember some saying they could not tolerate them.

i love having them and the reflexology was great as i noticed my feet are always sore/painful near soles/ankls and he said that is the sciatic/hip area so it made sense that my lower back/hips were due to sciatica as i suspected. wish i could get the docs to do soemthing about it cant be bothered to go at minute as feel they are a waste of time so just keep ringing for repeate meds.

don;t know really what i should ask for but they are happy just to get us popping pills.

anyway it was so lovely with the aroma and must to have a couple of hours of bliss and absence away from all this it really helps you to forget... it was only £25 for both as he is doing it for his case studies for college as well.

he is fullly qualified in massage but has to so the case studies for his aromatherapy massage/reflowexology. :D :D :D

i am so lucky.
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