Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

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Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

Postby asparkle1982 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:56 pm

Good afternoon,

My name is Amy Brunton and I'm 27 years old. I have been suffering with my health since my brother died in 1998 from a brain tumor. The doctors/consultants believe my body went into shock. Over the last 14 years I have been diagnosed with IBS, Coeliac Disease, Endometriosis, Hyper-Sensitivity and final confirmation of diagnosis Fibromyalgia and Centralised Sensitivity Syndrome. I am on medication for the fibro and pain killers for the chronic pain, as well as visiting the hospital for injections. (These are meant to be 8-10 weeks apart, but the NHS aren't really on top of their waiting lists :roll:)

One and a half years ago, I was in a full time job working and enjoying life.......planning my wedding and saving for a mortgage with the love of my life :-P I started getting increased pain and had to give up my full time job, to attend the hospital appointments for tests/treatment. My work place were not supportive at all. They caused me more heartache, pressure and stress than anything I had encountered in my life because I knew I had fail to try and work around my illnesses.

When I was working full time, my partner and I had decided to make a date for our wedding and book the church for July 2013, planning my wedding and looking for ideas, helped me to relax and stay calm......the doctors said I needed to work on my relaxation techniques, so I did. I started designing bespoke items for my wedding, this made me smile and kept my spirits high. I looked into working for myself, designing items for every occasion. THIS WORKED GOOD!

I started my business to help my health, recently I have had to take a back seat because my health has got worse again due to memory problems, weight gain and vitamin d deficient plus the pain because my last injections were in June.....unbelievable!!

Please check out my website and facebook Page, look at my designs, like them, comment, share and please enjoy!
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Re: Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

Postby Naomi » Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:26 pm

Hi Amy, your story sounds so familiar. I've not been here for a very long time, but I needed to post and hope yourself and many others read my contribution because you may find it extremely interesting.

I was diagnosed with FM ten years ago, and over the years I've had no follow up from a consultant, basically I've just been left to it. Anyway, my post isn't really about that.

Like you, I have business ideas which I am working on, but the time it's taking me to fulfil the dream, so to speak, rather than curl up and die, is's stop go, stop go.

I assume other sufferers of FM experience the following: if you catch a bug, cold whatever, your FM kicks in. Whatever grabs hold of me is always accompanied by an FM attack. I have tried everything (the memory thing, or woolly headed day, as I call it, happens to me often, too often) from not drinking tap water to a change of diet (although limited funds prohibit me taking the diet as far as I would like)

I have been ill since last Tuesday with a tummy bug that is really causing me discomfort. I did the '24hr' abstinence from food, to starve it, but it didn't work so I contacted my doctors on Friday and spoke to a nurse who, I have to say, was not helpful at all. I then decided to try starving myself for 30 hrs (taking in fluid of course) this has not worked either.

But here is the crux of fluid intake has been water (bottled, Evian) and green tea...though I am very ill I don't have FM! Now, I did pick up on the fact that, though I'm in great pain with my tummy and back, due to the bug, I don't have any FM pain, and, a friend who I've been in contact with while ill, has also noticed I am more...for want of a better way of putting it...coherent. While not eating anything (I'm not suggesting people don't eat btw) my energy levels have soared! Which was a puzzle to me because I often feel like a wet rag! And by not eating, surely, thinking logically here, I should be lying down unable to get up! But... my thinking is as clear as it was 10 years ago! My short term memory is much better! My depressive moods have lifted and I don't feel as stressed as I usually do!

So, my conclusion...seeing as the experts don't know the cause (or they do, but ahhh money be involved) what is making me ill (with FM) is food. In the ten years I've had this condition, I've never fasted, the point is, now I've had to the above is the result.

I would be so grateful if anyone on here would try to fast for a couple of days (just fluid, water (bottled) green tea, nothing dairy) to see if the affect is the same, and therefore diagnose the culprit ourselves. I know what I'm asking will be difficult, and the only reason I have done it is because I've had to, but if I'd know before that I would feel so good, I would have done it long ago.

Obviously we need sustenance, and so yesterday, I bought loads of fruit and veg, to make a juice concoction this morning. My stomach still hurts,because the bug is still lurking, but in myself I feel great!

Please give it a go people because if it is food, or what they put in it, then it needs to be investigated further. I am very angry, because I've spent ten years of my life suffering with a condition that has crippled me, and possibly many others! And I find it very difficult to believe that some expert, out there, hasn't realised the real culprit!
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Re: Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:38 pm

Hi Naomi :wave: :wave: :wave:

Sorry to hear you've been floored by a stomach bug, there are some rather nasty ones doing the rounds at the moment :shock: :shock: :shock:

I really can't explain why you've found yourself feeling so good at the moment. Logically you should be feeling barely huu~mon with what will have been taken out of you. Generally, when I come down with something, it makes everything flare up CFS and FM~wise and things only start to settle back down when I start eating and drinking normally. I have had times where I felt as if I was buzzing over time, but these have been due to euphoric or manic~type episodes that have been brought on by things like meds for other conditions, sleep deprivation, and each one has been followed very, very closely by a very serious crash.

Diet wise, fasting can be a big :nono: :nono: :nono: for some people, depending on what others problems/conditions they may be dealing with. Anything that is going to be changed diet~wise, esp when going to what some may consider to be a somewhat extreme type of diet, talking to a GP or dietician or other suitable healthcare professional first is often suggested, as well as being checked out to make sure they will be OK following the change in regimen.

If you think there may be something in what you are eating that is causing your problems, there are checks, tests etc available to try and establish the cause of the problem. Some have found that having a diet free of wheat and/or gluten and/or lactose can help them, whereas for others it makes absolutely no difference.

Unfortunately I won't be participating in fasting, at least not intentionally. Green tea makes me ill :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: And I have Type 2 Diabetes, so fasting is not recommended, esp as I am currently struggling to maintain a suitable glucose level.
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Re: Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

Postby denys » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:04 pm

asparkle so sorry but i have had to delete the link you posted your designs are beautiful but if you check out the forum rules you are not allowed to advertise on here unless the link is fibro related and relevant.

Also I'm moving your post out of craft as it is not the most suitable board for your post as it seems to have gone off topic, hopefully you will get back to your very creative business soon (I wish you the best of luck with it) :-D :-D :-D

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Re: Working around health problems with NEW BUSINESS.

Postby shazq » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:17 pm

Hi Naomi

I have to agree with flup that fasting can be dangerous, you cant just stop eating food without consulting your gp first. Many people have other health problems which could interfere with fasting so please be careful and think twice before doing this.

I have crohns disease and had to give my bowels a rest so was put on a special liquid diet (this had calories and everything else your body needs in it) I had no solid food for 6 months but this made no difference to my fibro, i still had my daily aches & pains.

Sorry to hear you have a stomach bug, hope it eases soon but please have something to eat otherwise you will make yourself worse. :hugs:
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