Kinesiology update - diet = less pain

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Kinesiology update - diet = less pain

Postby Fibro Fi » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:59 am

Hi there,
I thought I'd I've you an update on my kinesiology sessions. I've had 3 in total now since mid November.
I wasn't sure whether I would continue with this course of treatment as it all sounded a bit dubious to me. Reading body energy and interpreting the system findings souns a bit 'star trek'. However, the main reason I've continued is because the therapist stated from the onset that she didn't know if I could be cured, but she definitely knew I could be a lot better than I currently was.

From a physical point, she has placed me on a detox diet. I haven't found this to be easy as temptation gets in the way, but I would say I follow it 90-95% of the week. Obviously, she wants me to follow it 100% and I am trying to get there! Christmas week was a bit of a write off but she sort of expected that. So, I am no longer eating any processed or packaged food except tinned tomatoes and fish, no caffeine or alcohol, red meat, sugar, dairy products or eggs. I am allowed pasta once a week, chicken 3 times and potatoes 2 times per week. I also don't eat any thing with gluten in as I have been diagnose with Coeliacs disease. So, the result? Weight loss - yip yip! Decreased usual pain in neck and shoulders and stiffness by 75-80%. I have had some leg pain and specific right lower shoulder pain but this isn't usual for me on a regular basis so would refer that as more of a flare. I am very rarely taking tramadol, but then I don't find it works for me anyway! My irritable bowel is settling more and so are my headaches. Not totally gone, but improving! I am to keep exercise to a minimum, eg walk the dog, and she wants me to remain calm as possible. She wants me to get to the point where I am completely bored! And yes, I have visited that place a few times! To try and keep my life free from drama! I live in Saudi Arabia on a compound so that's easier for me at the moment as I'm sort of naturally housebound most of the time anyway.

From an emotional point, she has told me that I hold onto my emotions and that I need to let go of 'stuff'. Easier said than done. Iam to allow myself time to meditate / relax and breathe out the 'bad stuff'. Sounds weird, but it does work! I am trying to let go of being responsible for people. It's started as a child when I had to look after my mother who had quite a few emotional problems, so we are working on this!

From a spiritual point, she has suggested that I get back in touch with God / higher power as this seems to be an important part of my life. I am a Christian, so this does make sense, but again easier said than done, but I'm trying to give Him some time each day. Again, this is personal to my system and it wouldn't be the same for everyone, so don't freak out! In fact, everything I've told you is personal to me, but I do think that a better diet would help everybody, but it is challenging, well I think so.

So, in a nutshell, I have less pain and I'm pacing my life better although I fight with my mind which keeps telling me to 'just get on with things and ignore this illness'! You see this is the first time I've 'given into it' and at times I've wondered if I've done the right thing, but I know deep down I have. The downside of this is that it has affected my social life, not that it was mega busy anyway! But, going for a coffee with hubby has stopped which I do miss, and eating out has stopped. I've also declined invites to 2 balls because it would be harder for me to be there and not eat or drink than to not go in the first place. I feel more isolated at the moment but in a way I needed space from people. Because I am listening to my body more, I've cancelled friends a few times and because I am not playing sport, I again miss out socially, but I guess that's a side effect of this illness as opposed to my instructions from my kinesiologist! So, I am finding these sessions beneficial so far and I hope for Rutherford improvements. Sorry for the essay!

Fibro Fi
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Re: Kinesiology update - diet = less pain

Postby paulamcl » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:04 am

hi Fiona i completely understand what you are saying. I am trying all different things to. Last year was the worst year of my life health wise. was diagnosed with fm in November :( so now that i know this is what i have ive been researching everything to make me feel better.

one of the thing s was my diet. ive been eating a clean diet as they call it. not as extreme as yours but i eat healthy clean things like clean meat as in steak chicken pork ect with no fat, fruit, nuts, veg, pasta, rice, breads etc as long as they are wholemeal. no refined sugars so no cakes im afraid and i only drink water. everything i prepare is fresh. i can honestly say i have felt a difference, i dont have as much pain and i have energy at last :chicken-dance:

i can still go out with my friends but i dont have alcohol and i choose healthy options on the menu. i found a post on here which someone wrote which was really good about the day in the life of somebody with fm. i printed this off and handed it to friends and collegues and they told me they had no idea this is what i go through on a daily basis. they are much more understanding now and respect my wishes to not have alcohol or choc etc.

im now at the point i dont want any choc, cakes etc now. everything now and then i think shall i have something but if i do i dont enjoy it and wish i just had a piece of fruit. ive been excercising to. last year that was a big no no for me but now im in the gym 4-5xs a week and i do yoga which is great for stress and just aligning the body. i know dont have anything or anybody in my life that is bad for for.

i dont let silly comments or anything stress me anymore. i just let things go over my head now and tend to find myself telling my family and friends why are you getting worked up, whats the point :-D i have a facebook page where i post motivational pics and the diet and exercise im on is through a company i met on facebook call fitspiration where they post motivational pics and are on hand to give advice. i have a friend who posts pics everyday on my page to keep me motivated.

im amazed at how well i had worked for me. i still have flare ups but they ar not as bad and dont last aslong. im now going to try reflexology and see how that goes. good luck and i hope it all goes well for you :-D x
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Re: Kinesiology update - diet = less pain

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:49 am

It's always good to hear when people find things that help make a difference to them. I hope it carries on improving for both of you for the long term.

Diet is one of the things that is often asked about, mainly is there anything that could/should be eaten to try and help with FM. The usual advice is to eat as sensibly and as healthily as you can, so reading how it is helping will hopefully offer some encouragement to others who are considering making some lifestyle changes to try and improve things.
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Re: Kinesiology update - diet = less pain

Postby Soapbubbles » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:05 pm

Hi Folks

Its really interesting reading your posts and its good to know that others out there are finding similar things are helpful. I feel I have been on a long search for the right combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustments to relieve my symptoms, even before I was diagnosed. Thankfully I have had the support of my sister who also has FM too and we have tried things out together. We are both gluten intolerant and have problems with diary products. I am currently trying out lactose free products to see if I can tolerate them. We also avoid nightshades vegetables, sugar, and all refined products, additives and artificial stuff. It makes cooking time consuming and challenging but it is well worth it as my energy levels have improved and the pain decreased.

I've still had problems with sleeping though, although I'm taking amytrytilyine which helps. And had a flare up this winter. But I am positive that diet, plenty of rest and daily walking has helped me maintain my health.

It is a way of life and requires many sacrifices. I think my friends sometimes wonder about my sanity, but I know what helps me and "I'm worth it" !
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