Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

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Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

Postby fruity72 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:01 am meds were increased and some more added. The thing I found interesting was he said he would work with me as I sound positive and I am willing to help myself, when I said this to my physio she said that normally they see fibro patients and discharge them after one appt. That was my third appt. I asked why they do this and she said in her experience people with fibro put their backs to the wall and say that can't do anything and basically give up, but as I am trying to help myself and not willing to give up, they will work with me. I was surprised at this. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Re: Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:18 am

Not with a rheumy, I only saw him once and he was one of the old school "You've got FM, read this leaflet and exercise and lose some weight" Apart from going thru my symptoms I didn't have another chance to say anything :swear1: :swear1: :swear1:

GP wise...yes. The one I see knows I'm active on here, that I read about stuff and will ask him about things, so he works with me rather than him taking the lead and telling me what I'll be taking etc.

And the person I see for my CFS sessions has quickly realised what I'm like, so the stuff we're covering goes beyond what is in the official treatment manual we use as she doesn't come across many patients that want to find out as much as they can to try and help themselves.

I just wish there were more people who are prepared to do that little bit more to help us find out more about things with the aim of improving living with this condition.
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Re: Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

Postby tiny229 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:38 am

I havent had a negative response or remark from anyone ..rheumotologist.....pain clinic,,,physio.....occupational health...or doctor....

Lignacane had no effect at all on me didnt touch my pain ....I have accupuncture done by physio not had a good outcome but hey worth keep trying ....

I am told that for the length of time I have had fybro they are not convinced anything will help but you learn to live with the pain and adapt to circumstances....I don't have the word CAN'T in my vocabulary I try and do the best possible and however much I hurt and feel down I smile.......but thats me everyone is different,,,,,,,

I feel sad inside for the life I had many years ago when I was so active and full of energy but dwelling on past life never helped anyone and people dont want to know your upsets so I have a shout and cry when I am on my own ....

Manage your own illness and have compassion for others .....thats my motto ....fybro is nasty and debillitating but dont let it beat you ..take care and be kind to yourself there is no right or wrong in managing this illness you do whats best for you
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Re: Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

Postby fruity72 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:51 am

Fluppy it is good you have someone willing to work with you, my GP is next to useless lol, so I just stick to the specialist and physio now, see GP for meds and sick notes if a need them.

Tiny I have the same thinking as you, I won't let this thing beat me, I will try try try til it knocks me flat, which it does A LOT, but I won't let that stop me having a life. I can't do as much as I did and I can't do the job I used to but I've gone back to the drawing board and found something else I could possibly do and its a slow progress but its progress and I have found that actually moving around and going out is helping me lose weight, so thats a bonus lol.

I hope we all manage to find what works and don't give up there is hope, don't let this horrible thing beat us, we are worth more than that :-D
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Re: Saw the rheumatoligist on Friday......

Postby fatanne1 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:27 pm

I had exactly the same with rhemutoligist, I think cause there s no science to prove fibro most of them realy dnt believe I was sent out with aflea in my ear and made to feel like a lazy time waster which I am definatly not I still work pt and run a very busy house with two young children and a disorganised hubby, im afraiod when it cones to fibro I have no faith in medical system at all, that's how I found this chatroom,, looking for private specialists in fms, to no avail realy unless I can get to London doh!!!!!!!!. I am on terrible flair at mo and very desperate so ill keep trying good luck to all you guys too. :pull-hair:
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