working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

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working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

Postby pogster » Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:44 pm

I am really worried about having to give up work as my sick record has taken me to stage 3. Incidentally stage 4 and you're nearly out the door.

Anyone else been there, done that and can tell me anything they've tried to keep their job.
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Re: working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

Postby denys » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:24 am

Sorry pogster I dont work for the NHS but reasonable adjustments in any job can range to suit the individual, from more ergonomic equipment in an office to changing hours /duties etc. that suit both parties. Have you seen an OT :?: :?: :?: :?: these are the people who generally come up with the adjustments

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Re: working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

Postby babajane32 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:44 am

I believe if you contact your job Center they have someone there who can work with you and your employer to agree reasonable adjustments.
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Re: working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

Postby dotty lotty » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:57 am

I presume OHSAS are inolved and also try re-explaining your situation to your line manager with a list of changes that you think may help. Make sure you have your union involved. Redeployment to a more suitable department(suppose it depends on your job). I was redeployed but not for fibro but when I decided to take early retirement it was because I wanted to but like you I was at the stage of nearly out the door. Good luck :teddy-bear:
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Re: working for nhs? what are reasonable adjustments?

Postby traceyj » Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:56 pm

hello, I am kinda in the same position as you, my sickness record is not the best, I was off for 18 months (yep and they kept my job open), I fracture my pelvis, I went back in June, had two days sick in july, then in October, staff came in full of something which I caught and was taken to hospital, had chest infection, well work wont let me back because occ health say i am not fit enough,and when i go back to reduce my hours, work wouldn't reduce my work hours, this is before diagnosis, when i was at work I was mainly upstairs, so had to deal with stairs, didn't use lift as it was so long, was on my own to do medication for 19 people up stairs, when there was two capable down, cut a long story short, use your union, as reasonable adjustments would be to cut hours, and not to work upstairs, usually two people do meds on each floor so they were not being reasonable, I now am using my union rep, they know better what reasonable adjustments are and can fight in your corner, I've probably ramble but hope you get my meaning :)
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