I so wanna cry

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Re: I so wanna cry

Postby LouLou » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:47 am

Oh Rachellou

I'm sending you lots and lots of gentle hugs. I hope you get things sorted with your doctor. You need pain killers to help you with FM and the migraines and they need to listen to you. If you are still getting nowhere see if you can take your partner or someone else with you who can back you up.

I have everything crossed for you.
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Re: I so wanna cry

Postby shazq » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:43 pm

Rachellou wrote:Hi Guys

This I so wanna cry turned into I wanna cry a heck of a lot, I haven't been on here in over a week because I had been quite poorly the migraine turned into my partner taking 3 days emergency holiday to look after me because I couldn't stop being sick even if it was just water, I was rushed to the doctors as well as a walk in centre and I'm still poorly now to the point of having only on meal a day, I've lost 10lbs in one week because of this, it is doing my current employment much help I'm on agency so I don't get paid sick leave which means I'm going a whole week without money next week I tried going back to work yesterday but lasted a hour and 40 mins before coming home due to the coughing and trying to be sick so I have rebooked an appointment with the doctor this morning clearly there is something still a miss and they don't appear to be taking my Fibromyalgia serious either I asked for better pain meds and it got ignored :(

Are you taking any migraine meds? if not you can get some from your gp & ask them for some anti sickness meds as well.
You can get Migraleve pills from the chemist they are expensive but they are good if you cant get in to see your gp it might be worth trying them.
I suffer with migraines and iam also sick so know how you feel. I went through so many meds trying to get rid of them, in the end my gp sent me to a Neuro and now i have to take meds twice a day.

I have them under control now but still get them here and there but can cope with that. Mine would last for weeks on end.

Hope you get them under control soon. :hugs:
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