Can you relate ?

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Can you relate ?

Postby TATT » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:54 pm

Last night I was in the kitchen with hubby, I leant over to pick something up from sink and hubby on my right dropped a cup on the sideboard and the radio was directly in my left ear.

Bang........I was immediately startled then felt intense anger but did not express it. Then as I was trying to control my anger I could feel the energy in my body circulating at a high speed. I felt off and moody so went to bed and took a Valium as I could feel this strong energy and my tensing increased.

Then woke my partner 4 times in the night with nightmares which I have not had for ages. Today I have the flu type body pain and no energy and my voodo pain (random pin pains in body) is well under way.

Just like that a big noise and I am in a flare, does anyone else feel this sensitive or is it related to my previous post traumatic stress ?

Tatt x
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Re: Can you relate ?

Postby pixiecat » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:00 pm

Hi Tatt, Yes I can relate to that, I find sometimes that such a small thing can set me in a rage and I know if I acted on it there would be
hell to pay and its over nothing really, it doesn't always happen or very often thank goodness, but I know everyone is in the wrong or
seems to anoy me like crazy when it does happen and then like you I have a kind of flare up as if its punishment for getting my
"knickers in a twist"! :lol:
I like your explanation of the random pains in the body as they are just like you said voodoo pain ( god help that doll when I get hold of it) :yikes:

Take care

Re: Can you relate ?

Postby amazonia » Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:10 pm

Ive had absolutely terrible noise sensitivity since a very small child.. Started with me not liking the sound of carpet being rubbed. If I remember rightly.. I scraped my hand on a carpet once and the tingles after made my teeth want to fall out and you get a sense of an arrow landing straight in ur chest. Well as an adult noises now physically hurt me.. My ears literall have pain at a sudden sound.. This feeling is joined by the feeling someones thumped you in the chest too hence that angry feeling. If something breaks.. A loud noise.. I go down a pot-hole.. Thump.. I want to bash something back.. Apparently it can be helped with magnesium and a few other vits.. Sometimes its bad and sometimes its ok which prob relates to low vitamin. This is something Ive suffered with for so long now.. It literally tortures me.. Suffice to say you wont find a quieter neighbour! Anyone can suggest any tried remedies.. Let me know too..
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Re: Can you relate ?

Postby LuluAnne » Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:48 pm

It used to take a lot to get me angry but now some days I feel like every nerve in my body is exposed and everything around me makes me so irritated and angry. I feel sorry for the people around me and I just can't explain why things set me off like that. I do try to keep an even keel but depending on how I am feeling there are just times when I can't control my self. :cry:
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