Dropping things

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Dropping things

Postby lorimc » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:39 pm

Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if dropping things is another symptom of fibro. Over these past few weeks I have noticed myself dropping things more and more. I do have pain in my hands and wrists at times but I am even dropping things when I have no pain, sometimes I just go to lift something and its like I have barely grabbed it before its hits the floor if you know what I mean :-? I am just curious to know if anyone else is like this. Many thanks :-)
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Re: Dropping things

Postby JulieG » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi Lorimc

Yes I drop things all the time, my wrists are weak too, but they have told me I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
which it seems goes hand in hand (no pun intended) with Fibro quite often. Only today I kept dropping things
I have the flu at the moment and think that intensifies my Fibro symptoms. It's only 7.50pm and to be honest
I can't wait to go to bed. Not sure how many Fibro's suffer from this, but you have definitely found a fellow
sufferer here :)

Julie xx
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Re: Dropping things

Postby debi-p » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:54 pm

Hi. It could be carpal tunnel, I have this and I'm constantly dropping things x
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Re: Dropping things

Postby Treece » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:55 pm

hi Lorimc, I drop things all the time, it makes it hard to do things because you can't trust your own hands. I didn't realise that it could be linked to fibro... sometimes i don't even realise that i have dropped an item. I have burnt myself a good few times... now i only handle cool or cold things.

take care x Treece
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Re: Dropping things

Postby bril6 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:12 pm

hi i always drop things making coffee or tea its all over the worktop ,dropping keys ,etc i even drop the dogs lead when i am walking her :-?
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Re: Dropping things

Postby lorimc » Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:31 pm

Thanks for your replies. Its good to know I am not alone. Doc did mention possible carpal tunnel syndrome at one stage, so I think it might be worth bringing this up again with her.

Lori xx
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Re: Dropping things

Postby marianne p » Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:23 am

yes i drop things and knock things over when i am trying to do things,just one of the many not good fibro conditions and probelms!! marianne p :yikes: :!: :too-upset:
marianne p
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Re: Dropping things

Postby lolabolla » Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:48 am

Befor I had the FM diagnosis I considered myself to be very clumsy.

Not only would I bump into door frames etc. I would always be dropping something or other.

Not only do I drop things but I've lost count of the times I attempt to take a drink and end up pouring it down my front.

Problems with spacial awareness like this are linked to fibro and also to hypermobility which I also suffer from :roll:

Lola xx
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Re: Dropping things

Postby monica » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:51 pm

Yep another one here with dropsy as I call it. Another annoying fibro symptom!
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Re: Dropping things

Postby jennthefunkyranger » Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:21 pm

I was at a conference yesterday, and it took me a ridiculous number of attempts to pick up a cup and saucer without it rattling horrifically and feeling like I was about to drop it. Give me a mug any day, I can wrap my hand round it and know I've got a much more secure grip on it.
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Re: Dropping things

Postby Miss Painful » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:02 pm

I drop things as well, I am frightened to do the dusting because I have dropped some of my ornaments, also I get shaky hands. I have no strength in my fingers, I think I have pressed the switch on the TV but it does not come one, also when paying by credit card I do not always hit the numbers on the machine and have to try again.

Gentle Hugs :pull-hair:
Miss Painful
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Re: Dropping things

Postby shazq » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:09 pm

I drop things as well, i cant pick up anything heavy as my arms are to weak to carry them and my hands shake. :roll:
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Re: Dropping things

Postby lolo73 » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:20 pm

I drop things too, not that ATOS believes me, my main worries are in the kitchen if I drop a hot saucepan :yikes:
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Re: Dropping things

Postby LouLou » Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:45 am

Hi lorimc

Yep I'm another one who does that. I sometimes don't have a clue how I could have dropped something. I also knock things over a lot again I have no idea how I do it. I never used to do this before FM.

I was tested for carpal tunnel and was told I didn't have it so maybe it is just one of those "fun" things FM likes to throw at us lol.
What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;-)
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Re: Dropping things

Postby evie15 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:42 pm

Sadly I drop things all the time, the last thing being a lovely china cup I was given for a birthday.

i loved it and it fell out of my hands and shattered on the carpet. Thankfully I found a replacement on ebay.
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