Not sure why?

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Not sure why?

Postby LadyAnne » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:43 pm

I new to this really but just lately I feel I can't seem to concentrate too well, I have dyslexia as well as Fibromyalgia but I have never felt as bad as this, I can't seem to keep anything in my head, I read something and it has gone before I have finished reading it. I have always been a very organised person but just lately I can't organise anything I feel everything is a mess. I am tired all the time even as I wake up I still feel so tired. I try not to take all the pills as I don't want to be living a life on drugs if you understand what I mean.
Sorry to have a moan but I don't like keep going on to my poor husband as that is all I seem to do these days. I love my paper crafts and usually I can do that and feel happy but I seem to go from one thing to another and then wonder what I'm doing!! I am 67 years old so sometimes wonder if I'm getting dementia!!
Thank you for reading this...
Love ~ Anne xx
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby lolo73 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:52 pm

Just another symptom of FMS. Would it help to write a list? You are not alone in this symptom x
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby SaraFibro » Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:07 pm

It's probably a good idea to get all your bloods checked for vitamin levels, vitamin D, B12, iron etc as well as thyroid and normal blood counts. I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago (I'm 36) and was 2 years into an accountancy course which I was well on my way to completing in my final year.....I had to give up after failing my exams and couldn't believe that trying to learn something new was suddenly such a nightmare, I never retain information any more and in a way you have to try and learn new ways of remembering things. Sleep is important, but with fibro that can be hit and miss, melatonin helps me as I've now resolved to give up all medication (it wasn't helping and made brain fog, weight gain and other things worse) .....try setting certain routines to your day as this also helps you to remember what you should or want to do each day. Some of the meds can make brain fog (fibro fog) worse, so maybe check for side effects in the leaflets. Also, try looking at some alternative therapies, not the expensive scam type ones that claim to cure, but just simple things like essential oils, lavendar to help you relax at night is brilliant, oil of peppermint can help with pain and mental clarity, there are others but I'm a bit foggy myself tonight LOL......

wish you all the best, don't be frightened, it can be worked around, you just have to find the things that work best for you. The Livestrong website has some good links etc, and there are other holistic sites out there if you hunt around. NEVER fall for cures and spending lots of money, there are cheap ways of getting the best out of your health with fibro without spending hundreds of £££'s ..... :nono:

Good luck :)
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby paulamcl » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:15 pm

no your not alone. Im 33yrs old and can not concentrate on anything. sometimes ive got to read something over and over again before it sinks and then i get annoyed with myself. i have to write every appointment weather its lunch with a friend or pay a bill in my diary because my memory is so bad.

this is the best place to come and have a moan about these things. unless you have FM nobody will understand what we go through everyday. i hope this helps xxx
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby LouLou » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:43 am

Hi LadyAnne

As with the others who have replied I'm the same. Us Fibromites often get what we call Fibro Fog which is when we find it hard to concentrate, put sentences together, find the right word etc. I'm 29 and I never used to be as forgetful as I am now. Pre FM I was the most organised person ever and now I have to rely on my diary like paula and my mobile.

I have one of those small filofax style diaries so I can put important bits of paper in there like appointment cards etc as well as writing them in my diary. It also came with these colour coded stickers with things like "To Do" "Appointment" "Deadline" etc which I stick next to the relevant item in my diary. I've found this has really helped me keep up with things like that.

I also set reminders on my phone, even for the silliest things like "Get bread out freezer" as within minutes of thinking something I'll forget it lol.

I know other people use notice boards at home for reminders too.

I'm forever going into one room and completely forgetting why I'm there too. I did mention all this to my GP, as with anything with FM if it concerns you you should always see your GP as not everything is FM linked. He said that because of my age it was Fibro Fog I had. If you are worried Anne have a word with your GP. If anything it will at least put your mind to rest.

Don't be sorry we all have our moments where we need to get things out there and we are all here for you.

Don't give up on your crafts, when you are up to doing them try and have a quiet room, some time to yourself where you can concentrate on one thing. If it takes you a bit longer then that's fine as long as you are doing something you enjoy. I love to read and find I can read a few pages and get to the point where I haven't taken it in and have to go back and read it again lol but I stick with it as I love reading and I hope you stick with your crafts too.

Take care Anne
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby denys » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:50 am

It can be one of the more distressing aspects of FM and no you really arent alone, if you are worried that it is more than just fibrofog then speak to your doc but I'm sure it will just come back to fibro :-D :-D :-D as one of the other posters has said making a list can help, but then you have to put that somewhere prominent so that you dont mislay it :-D :-D :-D :-D

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Re: Not sure why?

Postby helenclaire » Fri Apr 05, 2013 12:02 pm

Hi LadyAnne, Isn't it annoying going from being Little Miss Organiser to Little Miss Who am I and where have I put that? I found this one of the hardest things to deal with. Pain is pain, but losing your memory, concentration and ability to even speak sometimes is like taking your personality away.

It's worth talking to the doctor, just to check it's part of the Fibro, which I'm sure it is. I embrace it now. I laugh at myself about 50 times a day. I often sit there and think, oo must remember.... and then literally 30 seconds later I've forgotten. I carry around a notebook to write stuff down, even simple stuff like 'you were about to make a cup of tea'. I've also painted a blackboard wall in the kitchen...extremely helpful! I'm also rubbish at numbers and typing - getting them all confused and muddled up, even when I think really really hard about it. My husband finds it all hilarious.

Sorry, don't mean to sound flippant, but if we can't laugh at ourselves then we're going to get in such a mess. Luckily I go through stages so I'm not continuously like this, hopefully that'll be the same for you.

Good luck LadyAnne and try to keep smiling xx
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Re: Not sure why?

Postby shazq » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:09 pm

Hi LadyAnne

Dont worry you are not alone, many of us suffer from this, i have been so worried in the past i went to see my gp about it but he just said everyone forgets things :roll:

I cant concentrate on things for long anymore, i have to read the posts a couple of times to take them in, i cant read the long posts anymore :facepalm:

One minute i am watching tv and the next i am in my own little world. :lol:

I forget peoples names, i forget what i went into a room for. I have to use spell checker as i forget how to spell :facepalm: This happens daily, i think my family are used to me doing it now. :lol:
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