First person I told I had Fibromyalgia :(

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Re: First person I told I had Fibromyalgia :(

Postby Flash » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:51 am

Lemonie, When I first heard of F/M about 16 years ago, it was from a book I was given by my step mum who recognised the symptoms I had been having for some years.

Overcoming the pain of Imflammafory Arthritis, by Phyllis Eisenstien and Samuel M Scheiner, ph,D. Published 1997 in America. It described F/M as a rheumatic condition of the soft tissue which unlike other arthritic conditions, is non degenerative, non deforative and non immflamitory which is why it is difficult to diagnose.

It is recognised by all arthritis foundations and research centres but is still miss understood.

People can be so cruel, I just hope you can turn a blind eye to those who obviously don't deserve your time.

Hugs. XXX
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