Help! Fibro so bad I am sleeping in toilets on lunchbreak

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Re: Help! Fibro so bad I am sleeping in toilets on lunchbrea

Postby FluppyPuffy » Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:29 am

With all the stresses and worries you have gone thru with this, as well as the physical presence of the cancer, it is possible that FM could have been triggered off. But with there being so many similarities in symptoms with thyroid problems and FM, it's difficult to work out where one ends and the other starts :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Hopefully tho, once your treatment starts to take effect, you'll find improvements in areas which will give you a better idea of what could be related to which condition :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing:

Those happy and mad aspects of you will still be there, it's just that they will have become buried under all the cruddyness you have been battling with. As things start to turn round tho, you'll find little glimmers and flashes of them starting to reappear, and as things progress in the right direction, they will hopefully become become much brighter and more noticeable, which in turn may well help boost how you feel, incl reducing how fatigued you are. And when this happens, you'll be able to show those who have judged you and made assumptions about how you are exactly what you think of them by :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: then :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: :tongueout: at them as you :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance: :chicken-dance:
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Re: Help! Fibro so bad I am sleeping in toilets on lunchbrea

Postby LouLou » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:24 am


I'm back, though still foggy headed lol. I don't know a lot about cancer but I do know from reading your posts that you seem like a very determined young lady, and that determination and fight will help you on this journey.

There has been so much in the press lately about government wanting to overhaul the NHS and I do think this is a classic example of the NHS letting people down. I don't think enough is known about FM for certain practices to fully understand it which is why a lot of us to get the diagnosis after elimination of other rheumatoid conditions, but maybe others illnesses such as cancers such be added to this elimination list?

cocobella wrote:I think the worst part about all this is that a lot of people judge me because I am young and I look well. When I have my 'face' on - thanks to estee lauder maximum coverage foundation which covers up heavy black bags under the eyes and pasty pale skin. I think people just assume, oh she looks well, yes she walks with a limp but she looks ok.

Lol I should have shares in boots and YSL touche eclat as I use their products so much. I too have a "face" for work or going out and I think if we look fine people think we are. It's not like other illnesses where you can clearly see there is something wrong, and I think many people judge too quickly on appearances. At work I can be on one hour and then then next I can feel like I've been hit by a bus and need to go home, and certain people will gossip and be like "oh she just wants to go home early" or "she was fine a minute ago" or "she looks fine" but those who truly know me don;t judge, and though it's been hard I've learnt to ignore those people. My boss knows me and understands and lets me come and go as I need to, he knows I don;t take advantage of this as I really can't afford to have time off, so if I am off he knows it's bad.

I just want to send you lots of :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :flowers: :flowers: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: as Fluppy said I'm so glad you want to stay on here and I hope you will continue to update us on your journey.

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