Fibromyalgia and Plantar fasciitis.

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Re: Fibromyalgia and Plantar fasciitis.

Postby perseus » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:40 pm

I saw a podiatrist today and he thinks it is most likely a heel bruise caused by a lack of fatty tissue on the underside of the foot. I think it is what is discussed under the heading called Heel fat pad atrophy here.

He gave me an orthotic insert for the shoe which squeezes the heel from the sides to increase the thickness of the natural fat padding. Plantar Fasciitis might still be present though.

Over the last week I have found it less painful to walk over over short distances, although the bursa seems to be more painful now.

He is sending me for a scan of the foot to confirm the diagnosis of the heel bruise and bursitis, and given permission for a possible a steroid injection in the heel at the same time.
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