help with adapted furniture?

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help with adapted furniture?

Postby animeemo3 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:04 am

Anybody know where I can get some advice on getting some adapted furniture? More specifically an adjustable he'd? I literally live in my bed, pillows and quilts propped all around me everyday, sitting in chairs and sofas absolutely kill me :( my bed is only a year old, but because I spend all day everyday in it, it is so flat and painful and an adjustable bed would be a blessing but they're so expensive! I've heard that an occupational therapist can help with things like that but im terrified of being told there is nothing wrong with me (just like dwp keep doing) and my local council site say I have to ring them to get it started but im terrified of that too! :(
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Re: help with adapted furniture?

Postby whoami » Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:12 am

Hi! I can only help by saying you will have to get over your fears of approaching someone about the matter. Only you can ask the questions if you qualify.
The worst thing that will happen is they say no and then you are in no worse shape.
When someone can fill you in on where to apply for assistance, apply, you have nothing to lose.

Good luck!

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Re: help with adapted furniture?

Postby li-li » Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:25 am

Hi, I can tell you my experience with my o/t and hope it helps. But this is just my experience, I too was spending a lot of time on my memory foam mattress bed. Sitting or laying back on my sofa was painful after 20 mins. On the rare occasions we went out, in my wheelchair as usual, I was in agony very quickly.i spoke to my gp about it all and he sent me to physiotherapy, where I had a lovely 30 min assessment, all the time sitting in w/chair!!. At the end they told me their department couldn't do anything for me so they passed me on to occupational therapy.
My ot assessment was done at home by a really lovely, friendly, knowledgeable and professional lady . She told me they only deal with certain pieces of equipment. she said I needed a one cup kettle thingy so I could make a hot drink w/out risk of injury, but would need to buy that myself. She did organise 4 pieces of equipment for me though, a bath board, rolling tea trolley propad cushion for w/chair and a single mattress propad to put on my sofa. She was so helpful and none judgemental, but they would all have to be as they need patients to really explain their day to day life and the struggles they are having.
I hope my story has helped you, but first you need to seek out the help. Good luck xx
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Re: help with adapted furniture?

Postby MichelleJ » Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:10 pm

Our ots can provide a bed raiser that lifts your mattress when u press a button to help u sit up. Personally I went for a bed rail and bed rope ladder to help me as I wanted to still do t myself but I can have the mattress raiser if I want it. I also have a frame that is adjustable that goes behind me in bed to let me sit up. This is manual and for use when awake.

Apart from that, they also provided a super kettle so I can safely make a drink without lifting the kettle, a perching stool, a hostess trolley, grab rails, a bath board, bath step, bathroom stool. Bannister rails. I could have had furniture raisers under my sofa but they looked terrible so I decided against them.

Go to your local councils first point of contact for adult social care and request an ot assessment. They're lovely so don't worry about it.
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