twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

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twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Wackers34 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:47 pm

hi all

Does anyone get twitches, muscle contractions or buzzing / tingling in arms and legs? This happens to me everyday...It really bugs me

I have mentioned it to GP and am on list to see neurologist, just in case anything more going on, but I wondered if it was just part of fibro...or perhaps more consistent with CFS? (not sure if i have the latter - but sometimes my fatigue is so bad) plus i get sore throat pretty much everyday...maybe the people with CFS also can shed light on this?

Im on Amitriptyline, but it was happening before this also..I take magnesium to try and help, but not sure it has helped yet...any other tips?

Thanks :-)
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby zaralala » Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:08 pm

I have twitches, buzzing in my ears and am always tired, but dont sleep.
I have been told the buzzing is actually my veins contracting and what I am hearing is the blood rushing through the veins.
I feel like my whole body is knotted up sometimes. A monthly trip to an osteopath sorts it.
It is worse if I feel stressed.
I often have a sore throat too.
You are not alone!
Sarah x
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Cricketbug » Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:30 pm


I get muscle twitches, spasms, shakes and contractions all the time. I also get tingling and that buzzy, stinging, itching and crawling sensations all the time in my arms, hands, legs and feet. I also get numbness in my hands, feet and face sometimes. I've just recently started getting the crawling and itchy feeling from my mid back to the top of my head... that's the one that really drives me crazy. My doctor is adjusting my medications to see if they might be the cause, but he said it can also be from the Fibro on its own.

My fatigue levels seem to vary on what I've been doing or if I am having a flare. Fatigue is the worst part of all of it to me I think. Even above the pain levels, this is the most limiting thing about having Fibro for me.

I hope you start feeling better soon, and best of luck with your upcoming Neurologist appointment. It's always good to rule everything out before you settle on something as being the cause anyway. My doctor is sending me to the Pain Team to see if there are some treatments/therapies that might help my symptoms. Perhaps this might be an idea for you to discuss with your GP? Also a Rheumatologist is a good source of help too. Good luck Hon!

Love and light,

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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby m_turner15 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:36 pm

Hello, I have buzzing that seems to go through my hole body.... It's a very weird sensation....
I also have twitches and jump....
My doctor has just prescribed gabapentin.... Any thoughts on that??

That's whole x
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Purpledot » Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:39 pm

I get muscle twitches and a trembly/buzzy feeling all over my body, mostly in my arms and legs. My hands also shake sometimes, and my fingers jerk etc. These shakes can sometimes be quite violent and are very scary.

I also get shooting pains down my arms that cause me to momentarily lose power and control in my arm/hand. This is also quite scary.

I also have ME/CFS and have no idea whether this is a Fibro or ME symptom. I am going to mention it specifically to my GP next time I see him.
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Wackers34 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:37 pm

purledot, can you let me know what they say? I would be very interested to know if this is specifically more ME/cfs than fibro

Thanks x
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Nuttygingerfruitcake » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:11 pm

Hello, I've been getting spasms in my hands and a weird buzzy feeling in my hands too. Often my hands start shaking and when I take a photo or try to keep my head still, my head starts to shake too. It's been getting worse over the last year and is most noticeable while I'm stressed. My Dr. said it could be meds. but I had noticed it before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It started getting worse after a stressful and painful Christmas, during which I had my first bout of trigeminal neuralgia, although I was unaware at the time that's what is was as I had had a filling at the dentist which had triggered it. I have also started getting twitches in my head and shoulder. Back to the doctors again i think!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby painprincess1 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:08 pm

i get all of them to hun. all fibro. i have tininess in my ears buzzing all over sometime it feels like theres a underground train running through the house but its me !im on baclofen atm for twitches and muscle spasms , i cant walk more then 30 mins atm due to hurting my back and suffering fibro pain from going to the beach tomorrow only one. night but i want my little girl to see the sea.make sure i got lots of pills with me lol xxxxx
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Otter65 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:26 pm

Hi this warm weather seems to be making my twitching and feeling like my body is full of fizzy pop :yikes:
Its gets worse as the day goes on and by this time in the evening my legs feel as if they are running even when I'm sat still :shock:

Nothing I do or take makes any difference some nights I just want to scream

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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby denys » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:57 am

Yep twitches and jerks seem to be part and parcel of fibro :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby Lizzyear » Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:18 am

I sympathise!! I twitch all the time! More so in the evening when I feel more exhausted. Then my arms and legs flick out all over the place, I say to my family, it feels like terrets withouth the swearing!
I find it very disconcerting! I sometimes get it in my neck too.
I just put it down to my fibro.
Just trying to learn to live with it. It's the exhaustion I really struggle with that. I want to go on walks, but the pain in my feet is too much and the fatigue I feel, I could not do it!
Take care of yourself, try not to overdo it, it's all a balancing act!
Gentle hugs,
Lizzy :grouphug: :hugs: :flowers:
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Re: twitches / buzzing part of fibro or cfs?

Postby sjc » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:30 am

Hi there,

Yes, I also have twitching and the occasional muscle spasms, as well. I get muscle twitching very frequently during the day, to the point where it is very annoying and one cannot rest or feel relaxed because of it....I mentioned this issue to my GP a few years ago, but some GP's and even specialist don't seem to know what to do with muscle twitching - I got one doctor telling me it was to do with anxiety....But, I don't always feel anxious or panicky when I have these additional symptoms to the pain and fatigue.

I know sometimes that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause physical and mental problems which are similar to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc, etc....I would strongly advise anyone to please ask your GP or specialist for an in-depth blood test that tests for all of the vitamin and mineral deficiencies, like vitamin d, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphate, b12, etc....then also ask for a blood test to see if you have any hormonal issues, kidney or liver function issues, full blood count, thyroid issues, proteins and electrolytes in your can also test in the blood to see if one has any auto-immune issues, such as celiac disease, inflammation in the blood, and so forth.....So I advise to get a complete in-depth blood test as sometimes it can be the silliest things like a vitamin deficiency. Until recently, I didn't know that I was defiant in vitamin D, until I had a full in-depth blood test...the doctors kinda kept blaming the fibromyalgia, instead.

I know that sometimes anxiety, stress, or even not drinking enough water can sometimes cause muscle spasms or twitching. Sometimes even allergies can cause muscle issues. But fibromyalgia or ME can also cause hidden neurological problems as well, but sadly, the GP's and even some specialist do not always tell sufferers of fibromyalgia/ME the true and hidden symptoms that one can have - most people are led to believe by their doctor that fibromyalgia/ME is just to do with pain or fatigue, but fibromyalgia and even CFS can cause a range of issues that are similar to someone who suffers with multiple sclerosis and arthritis....Actually if one compares fibromyalgia/ME to multiple sclerosis/Arthritis there are no major differences the symptoms - the only difference is arthritis and multiple sclerosis can be obviously picked up and diagnosed in the blood test/x-rays whereas fibromyalgia sadly cannot be seen in x-rays or blood tests, if ya know what I mean, but obviously you know about this.....

Sometimes medications can cause muscle twitching and spasms as well...Caffeine is well known for causing muscle twitching apparently.

In terms of medications for muscle twitching, most gp's or specialists tend to get out muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, or in some cases vitamins if there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency causing the twitching or spasms...

If you are worried about any neurological symptoms like muscle twitching or spasms or any other neurological based problems, see if your GP or any other specialist can refer you for an one off outpatient appointment with a neurologist...I recently asked a rheumatologist about some of the neurological problems I was having, such as constant twitching, problems with walking and in my eyes, and my she told me to go to my doctors again and mention it... my rheumatologist kind of gave me the impression that unless one's neurological and physical problem are severe, a neurologist might not want to deal with it sadly. I think it is sadly the case that unless any of your symptoms are causing extreme difficulties in one's daily life, specialist will tend to not take any notice...I spoke to one of my gp's in the summer of last year, and he basically told me that sadly neurologists these days don't take fibromyalgia very seriously, and some of his patients that have been referred haven't had much luck with neurologists and rheumatologist. It abit like once one gets diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome or even anxiety/depression, the gp's or some specialists will tend to blame every single problem that occurs on these diagnosed, and this is frustrating for people like us with the conditions.

Take care. 8-)
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