Useless joints :( fed up !

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Useless joints :( fed up !

Postby blueeyes64 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:53 am

I have been overdoing it again lately, lots of long walks with hubby, taking dogs out and yesterday I totally cleared the boys room and removed loads of stuff and deep cleaned.
So as result I am weary and feeling battered / bruised and stiff and joints are lax.
I took my daughters car up to our local garage for its MOT just now which is up a steep country road and so had to walk the 15 minutes or so back home.I felt nervouse because my joints feel unstable after over doing things, they always do.
Anyway, of course I fell :(
My legs just give way, always to the right which is my worst knee and my ankles give way too which doesn't help.
Straight down till I was crumpled on the floor in tears !
There was no one about as its quiet up there, probably for the best as I wold have been embarrassed.
And then of course my ankle was hurting so I had to hobble back home for another 10 minutes walk.
Just had enough of it though, I feel like an old woman and I'm still not quite 50

I'm thinking I need to get some sort of a stick for when I feel like my joints are lax, I can tell be sue they sort of bounce and tremor instead of support if that makes sense ?
I have fallen so many times now but each time it takes me by surprise its so quick when I go down.

My youngest son who is 13 is seeing a rheumatologist soon for lax joints possible Ehlers Danlos hyper mobility and I'm sure I have the same problem.
Sitting here with a sore left knee as I fell onto that and aching ankle and feeling sorry for myself !
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Re: Useless joints :( fed up !

Postby teresa67 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:29 pm

hi sweety,
so know how you are feeling, I have been there many years ago before I was diagnosed with fibro, try and rest up for today and I know its hard hen you have children who are dependable on yourself xx soft gentle hugs to you and I hope you are feeling a little better tomorrow xx
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Re: Useless joints :( fed up !

Postby kazza65 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:35 pm

S N A P.......

I totally fed up with my joints. And like yourself i do push my self to more and more so resulting in my legs going weak...

So then i have to refer to my old friend "Mr Stick" who is god send when my legs are wobbly and feel like jelly that because we push our selfs to the limits them we pay big time..

Think i'm gunna start and listern to my body when it says stop i'm gunna after because if not i'm going to be knackered quicker than its going at the moment..

I've had an operation on one knee to stop it from dislocating all the time but that has left me with a leg that i can't feel anything. And when you touch the leg it send a burning sensation up the top half of the leg. HORRIBLE..

So i can know were you coming from with your legs.

What medication do you take ??

I take Pregablin 200mg 3 x daily
MST contius 15mg morning and lunch and 30mg on an evening
Amtripylne 40mg at night
Oramorph as and when required last couple of day i've had to take 10mls 4 x daily
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Re: Useless joints :( fed up !

Postby blueeyes64 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:27 pm

Thanks ladies :-)

I'm not taking anything just now.I was put on Amitryptaline 4 years ago when I first went to the GP but they had me falling asleep at the wheel when driving :shock:
I mean I get tired as we all do, bit this was different, literally ended up at the wrong side of the road one time and then bumped the kerb another, so weaned mysekf off them.

Really need to get a proper diagnosis from a rheumatologist, but been busy sorting youngest sons health issues out !
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