Mobility Scooter :( or :)

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Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby kazisedso » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:52 pm

Hi all,

Hope everyone is managing their spoons ok :-)
I am trying to manage mine..... getting there slowly but surely. :-)

Anyway, i have been really struggling lately with walking and my standing tolerance is nearly at zero, so after some deliberation and a good chat with my hubby i decided to invest in a mobility scooter, just to help me out on days out, shopping etc.
Managed to get a very decent used one at a brilliant price and have collected it this evening, tried it out, made sure everything was ok with it and it was no problem at great.......

Struggled back into the car after collecting it and BOOOOOOM! mr depression and black cloud came and instantly rained over me :cry:
My mood just dropped below ground zero :cry: i sat there thinking why at 43 yrs of age am i having to buy a scooter to enable me to get around..... this shouldn't be happening now.... life is supposed to begin at 40!! not feel like it's a struggle :roll: i was nearly in tears....
and all this because i have invested in a scooter to help me get around :yikes:

My hubby knew instantly that i was on a downer and tried to cheer me up by saying that it wasn't forever.... maybe after some physio my mobility will improve enough not to have to use it...... bless him for trying to cheer me up.

I am happy that i have got one and at the price we got it for too, but i am struggling to accept this, i just don't feel like it's me..... it's like i am talking about somebody else and i will wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine i will be back to my 'normal 'self. :mrgreen:
I really didn't think i would feel like this.. i thought it would be a relief but at the moment i am just not seeing it that way :cry:

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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby Tracey Walton » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:12 pm

Hi, I have a mobility scooter and yes I feel too young for it, but it gives me an independence I would not have and opens up more to me. If I am having a really bad day then I use it and also if I know I have to walk a distance I know I cant reach. If it is a small distance then I try to walk it, slow and steady. You know your own body and you know if you can manage it or not. Just pace yourself and you will get there. But appreciate the independence the scooter gives you, people of all ages use them now, it gets you out and about and makes things easier for you and your hubby. xxxx :-D
Tracey Walton
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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby Cheltz » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:31 pm

Hi Karen,

I know exactly what you are going through. I'm 53. I've had a mobility scooter for about 8 weeks now, mine was a gradual progression as due to other health issues, the previous 4 months I had to use a wheel chair. I can't stand, let alone walk but I tried to kid myself that the wheel chair was a tempory blip and I would up and walking again, so when my OH suggested a mobility scooter I wouldn't entertain the idea.

However 8 weeks ago I finally gave in and like you we bought a decent used one for a good price, it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks as the thought of using one devastated me. I didn't want talk about it, look at it or tell anyone about it. Then one day my OH put his foot down, he refused to push me in my wheel chair on our usual walk with the dog. He said If I wanted to go, I had to use the scooter, why should he have to push when I could drive myself.

So I bit the bullet and the scooter got wheeled out the garage. Yeah, at first I felt self conscious and ticked off but then I realised it gave me some of my lost independence back. I could go out on my own, nip to the shops, take the dog out, get out in the fresh air, visit friends etc etc. It didn't tire me out as much and it certainly cut down on the pain. Now I am so grateful for that independence.

My Grandaughters who is 5 wants me to pimp it up. LOL

You will be fine Karen, it just takes time to adjust, don't be so hard on yourself, what you are feeling is normal and totally understandable. In a few weeks time you will be posting on here, telling everyone what a god send your scooter has been, how you don't know how you coped without it and encouraging others in the same situation.

Cheltz .x
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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby Iceskatemum » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:17 pm

Totally agree with the others , it is a big adjustment and one I haven't yet made full time but in recent weeks have been able to use ones in shops and at places of interest plus I have a wonderful friend who has lent me her travel scoot on occasion and will do again for my up coming hols.

Using it is difficult and I hate it when I get things wrong and feel everyone is watching but it does give you back a sense of freedom that you might not have had in ages.
take your time, try it out somewhere private for a while just to get used to the controls etc , then try little short walks just to get your confidence...then .....well who knows were we will next here from you .

take care

soft hugs
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Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby toplessbug » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:03 am

Hi to the fibro scooter gang, I am 46 and have a mobility scooter.
It was silver but my lovely hubby sprayed this for me and it is know purple sparkle with flowers round the basket.
It's my lifeline and let's me walk my doggy to.

Sounds like an AA meeting lol.

Gentle hugs xxxx
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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby whoami » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:41 am

Karen, I don't use a scooter but I have a walker and cane. I started using them at 31, six months after my wedding.

I may sound tough here but you need to snap out of this. A scooter will help you more than you realize right now. don't let depression of fibro spoil your new found freedom.

Karen, my sister in law needs a wheelchair, my father in law did, my best friend and her son both do. I can't imagine how their lives would be without their chairs.

I bet in six months you will be thinking your scooter is brilliant. Enjoy your new found freedom, xx

Expect the worst in life you won't be disapointed and you'll be prepared!
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Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby helen virgo » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:53 am

I have used a manual wheelchair since the age for nearly 10 years now, was only 37 when I started using it. Then 4 years ago when changing my motability car I decided to get a scooter and hoist to get it in the car. I had a try of several at a shop but decided they weren't for me as I cannot hold my arms out in front for long enough so then settled on an electric wheelchair and it has been great. Yes it's embarrassing some times but the things it has allowed me to do have been worth the embarrassment.

I promise you will get used to it then you'll wonder what you ever did without it.
Helen x

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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby latmaz » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:58 pm

another scooter user here, tho i only use it when there is going to be lots of walking. i resisted like a lot of us did at first but i borrowed one of a day out to a stately home. havin used it all around the gardens i was then able to meander round the house, i suddenly realised i wouldnt have seen half of what i did had i not had the scooter. i hired one when we went to disney last year and i had a fab time instead of feeling exhausted most of the time, they make such a huge different to what u can do in a day

u will quickly get used to it honestly. look on it as a way to extend your day and enjoyment of outings etc, a positive surely!!

good luck

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Re: Mobility Scooter :( or :)

Postby ouch potato » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:32 pm

I have fibro and arthritis, and at 44 I use a walking stick and have just bought a self propel wheelchair for longer days out. At first I was mortally embarrassed by having to use a stick, but I quickly got over that. I 'pimp' my sticks so they suit my personality, and will do the same with the wheelchair. I now see it as a way of sticking 2 fingers up at the illness, as if to say ' you are not going to stop me living my life, no matter how hard you try'.

Good luck with it, stick the L plates on and enjoy life :-D
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