What is fibro fog exactly

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Re: What is fibro fog exactly

Postby BonnGayle » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:56 am

I bought a Filofax this year and store in it all the info I usually forget ..my workrota, all my phone numbers in case I forgot to charge my mobile everything I need to remeber gets written in it and i write reminders of things like birthdays because I live in germany and have to post things weeks ahead so my filo fax will say ...remember so and so's birthday in two weeks ..I find it helps it has a jot pad and I keep some post its in the back so I can scrawl quick reminders and stick em where I need too.
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Re: What is fibro fog exactly

Postby FluppyPuffy » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:17 am

For my reminders I use Google Calendar which I can access on my phone, tablet or lappy. All I need to do is enter something on one of them, then sync it and it is there on all of them. I can also set alarms for each event, as well as have email reminders sent.

I tried using a paper diary/organiser but would put it down and not remember where it was because, altho I have specific places to put particular things, I couldn't find a suitable one for it to live.
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Postby Bexbexbex » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:35 am

I always seem to have forgotten whether I have shut the front door of my flat once I get to the closey front door, have to suffer going back upstairs to check! Same with locking the car, walk from car to go to my flat and poof! It totally goes whether ive locked it or not!

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Re: What is fibro fog exactly

Postby ouchiemama » Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:19 pm

Its so horrible!! Some days it really gets to me, if Im in pain & thats stopping me doing things then my brains mush aswell I do feel like a pretty useless human being!! :cry:

I just sat for ages trying to book a train ticket but I just cant concentrate properly & in the end was too scared to click buy as Im not sure Ive done it right!! So annoying, should be easy enough but nope!!

I often get my mum round to read letters to me as I cant make sense of them, fairly basic stuff but its like the words just dont make sense,like they are in a foreign language!!

Its funny sometimes when I forget words or call my kids the wrong name & they are used to it so are always helping me out & just kinda nod & laugh like ahh mums got fibro fog again! my 12 year old has explained it to her 5 year ole brother that mummy has a silly brain sometimes because of her illness! Bless!

I keep all info I need to remember in my phone so each day I know whats what! I have also found writing a note every day helps aswell, sounds ridiculous but I write - hoover, washing on, tumble emptied or lists of what I need to get from shop etc...then cross them off as & when they are done & write a new note for the next day usually with some things from the day before as I wont manage to do all I want to.
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