When to admit defeat

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When to admit defeat

Postby Ashton » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:46 am

Have thyroid .cfs and fybro .work four days a week at school with 30 wonderfully reception children.was off loads last winter with one virus after another.went back for new term and straight away got virus and had to take time off.due back Monday to cover the class while teacher on training.still feel exhaused and run down.want to go but don't feel I can cope.cant really give up my wage and don't fancy being at home all the time as recon I would get depressed.arghhhh really don't know what to do help please
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Re: When to admit defeat

Postby Janetcairnie » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:57 pm

I too have thyroid trouble, fibro & CFS plus other longstanding medical conditions.
It sounds like your immune system is battered. You could try either Vitamin B complex or eachinea - both supplements good for boosting immune system but you won't see any benefit until you have taken them for a few weeks.
I would try also a lovely soak in the bath with some essential oils. Everyone is different but anything is worth a try.
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Re: When to admit defeat

Postby whoami » Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:05 pm

Really only you know your body and how you feel. If you can't go to work you can't.

Have you been and had your thyroid levels checked lately? I also have the same issues as you. Sometimes because of other meds and things going on in my body I need my thyroid med adjusted. I have no thyroid, cancer, it seems odd for me to say I have a thyroid issue.

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Re: When to admit defeat

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:01 pm

Have you spoken to your head about just how badly you are being affected at the moment?? If not, it might be something to consider doing as, with a bit of idea bouncing around, there might be a plan that could be put in place to help make things a little easier, more manageable for these times.
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