Shoulders and arms giving me trouble

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Re: Shoulders and arms giving me trouble

Postby Karou » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:09 pm

Update: My arthritis gloves arrived today. I ordered them from amazon, they're made by imak and just under £18. They're a medium grey with light and darker threads in them. I imaging you won't see dirty straightaway which is good lol :mrgreen:

They had two different ones, with or without grip. I bought without, wasn't too sure if I'd like getting stuck on the cat's fur. :-P These things leave the finger tip uncovered but they're still long enough to just about cover the last joint above.

I'm feeling less tension in my palm area but the gnawing bone discomfort in thumbs and wrists is still there. I'm hoping it'll improve but will mention it to my gp next week.

The material is 92% cotton and 8% spandex. Says to hand wash cold and air dry. Since I put them on my fingers are wonderfully warm. Ha! - Screw you, raynauds! :-P (let's hope it stays that way)

Might get another pair, I've ordered medium and they feel good, not too tight, but according to their size guide on the side of the box I should have bought small. (only just) Maybe that's why I'm still feeling a bit sore? Or maybe I'm expecting too much but at least, even if arms and shoulders still hurt, the hands get some benefit. :-)
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