Moving abroad

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Moving abroad

Postby DRM » Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:01 pm

Hi folks, hope everyone is as well as possible with this thing! I am currently looking into moving to sunnier climes as I find the winter here so hard. I was wondering if anyone had tried this and if you think the sun helps your fibro? Also does anyone know if fms increases the price of travel insurance? Appreciate any advice, thank you x
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Re: Moving abroad

Postby Fibro Fi » Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:53 pm

I've just come back from living in Saudi Arabia for 3 years. Although I've had FMS since my twenties, I became very ill with fatigue 10 months before going to Saudi due to over working and the stress that came with it. I'm not sure the heat particularly helped but then it is excessive heat out there as average temperatures were 36-38c most of the time but going to highs of 51 and lows of 24! You spend most of your time indoors with the air con! I think the heat, for me, made me quite tired. Since returning to the UK, the climate has suited me better as it has been nice temperatures but I haven't experienced a full winter since becoming very ill. I understand that the heat helps more with the pain. My pain was less in Saudi but then I was hardly doing anything compared to my activity here. And now I've started to exercise here by doing Pilates, it definitely has exacerbated the pain.
All in all, I think often living abroad produces a slower pace which is definitely better for us with FBS! I think warmer climates are overall better for us but I would go for the climate of Southern Europe as opposed to places with extreme heat as it can wash you out even more.
Hope this helps a little!
Fibro Fi
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Re: Moving abroad

Postby KarenG53 » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:09 pm

I'm not claiming that what I did is right for everyone but if you just sit back and say "oh it's too hard, too painful" then you'll never know ...its not a quick fix you will always have Fibro to some degree... it does take commitment and a long time depending on your level of disability
I came to NZ 10 1/2 yrs ago January 2003 for a 6 wk holiday...
my Fibro wasn't too bad at that point I was able to walk around without too much discomfort, swim, cycle, and climb some...
at heart I've always been a beach person even though I'd never lived near the sea...every opportunity I'd go and walk the shores and breathe in the amazing ozone the sea throws up always sad to leave but feeling revived and at peace with myself ..

Now the reason for coming to NZ was to visit a distraught friend who lost both her parents in the previous 18 mths ...on arrival I found the people friendly open and the climate and lifestyle so much more laid back.. a slower pace of life.. it's how we should all strive to live... no rat race..warmer more temperate.. this is on the North Island in Auckland ...there are different degrees of warmth and even snow and cold winters down south why people from here choose to move there is beyond me??
I met my now partner after having been divorced for roughly 14yrs and happy enough living on my own... my children had all left home by the time I came to NZ on holiday..
I returned to the UK and told my family I was emigrating to NZ!! shock and horror...they always knew I'd never stay in the UK but didn't expect me to move to the other side of the world...
but you only have one life and when someone comes along and bowls you over you'd be stupid to pass it up...and by then I'd already decided I was going to live there or at least apply...
Yes I miss my family... and yes it's very very hard being so far away... I've tried to visit every 3 yrs so far...that was until this last time which is 4yrs due to stupid ticket prices during the Olympics ..
Its even harder when the time comes to go back home...which I will have to deal with 13th next month... and it doesn't get any easier as the years go by but I found love... and my children are all wrapped up in their family lives its much too expensive for them to come visit me... between them they have 7 children...
Another down side was I had a car accident in 2008 breaking my back in 3 places and a mild stroke... it was at this point Fibro decided it was an ideal opportunity to rear its ugly head again and show me the full force of what it could do... and man did it knock me back to the hole I'd clawed myself out of back in the mid 80's... I'd worked so hard to be strong again long and painful exercises taking my breath away and feeling faint at times... many times I wanted to give up... but I lost a very dear friend to MS she didn't have a choice.. I did and as she said to me on the last time we spoke it'd be selfish not to try even if it did hurt... I still shed a few tears for her everytime I think of how brave she was knowing there wasn't any cure and eventually it would take her young life....I never promised her I do everything I could but I vowed to myself I would get stronger and fitter eve if it took me the rest of my life .... so from the first bad attack of Fibro in the 80's which totally floored me..I was wheelchair bound I started just slow simply repetition stretches increasing every week soon I could pull myself up in bed no need to roll over to get up... yes it hurt and at times after tears of frustration I'd think about quitting... then my friends face would come into my head and I'd think I have the luxury of seeing my children and now grandchildren grow... her daughter was 10 when she passed away...
Other thing you have to consider when emigrating are your age.. being able to support yourself...private health insurance is a must.. so your not a drain on your new countries health resources, then theres all the visa's to work through so many options and do you go for citizenship keep you own countries so you duel citizenship...certainly a lot to consider... also a kitty to be able to travel back when you nee in case of loss in the family or illness... plus a holiday fund I come for 3 to 4 months such a long way and the first week is getting over the jet lag after travelling for over 24 hrs...
hope you find some of this useful and hope I haven't rambled on too much
{{{Gentle Hugs}}}
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Re: Moving abroad

Postby denys » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:12 pm

Sorry I cant help but wish you well wherever you end up :-D :-D :-D

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Re: Moving abroad

Postby DRM » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:08 pm

Thanks so much for the advice. I felt Saudi might be too hot, and perhaps not the place for a single woman? i have considered New Zealand & have an uncle who lives in Dunedin, so at least I would have some family close. His wife suggested I spend 6 months of the year there & 6 months in the uk!. Work and money is a big consideration, I'm going to a working abroad expo this week to find out my options. I'm lucky enough that my current employers will give me a career break, so I have a job to come back to if it didn't work out. Big decision so all info is welcome.
Thanks xxx
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