Other illnesses caused flare up?

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Other illnesses caused flare up?

Postby lolo73 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:06 pm

I know myself I having been taking on too much prior to Xmas. Things haven't been helped by the fact that I had to have a tooth out before Xmas which caused me massive amounts of pain (also needed antibiotics) and I had very little sleep for around 3 weeks. The tooth has settled now but my energy levels are so low, I need so much sleep now too.
I am not sure if it is just a flare up due to the weather, doing too much or just one of those things; or it is related to my body being low with the tooth problem? When I was in severe pain with the tooth, I was literally eating drugs by the handful, too many in honesty (not recommended) maybe I brought the lethargy on through that. I am not exactly full of energy at the best of times but this is the worst I have ever been for a long time x
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Re: Other illnesses caused flare up?

Postby whoami » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:30 pm

lolo.....sounds like you have run yourself down. Christmas was enough but to have a tooth pulled and having issues with it, I think was too much. I bet you will be feeling your "normal" self in no time. Not that normal is perfect.

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Re: Other illnesses caused flare up?

Postby zappa20 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:57 am

Not having any sleep for 3 weeks because of bad dental pain would make anyone feel a bit run down and tired. Even an Olympic athlete. . Give yourself a bit of time to recover, even a course of antibiotics can cause people to feel a bit 'off' as they disrupt the stomach flora. Couple of pro biotic yoghurts etc might settle that down if it's a problem. Be kind to yourself for a week or two and you'll soon be feeling back to your normal self again.
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Re: Other illnesses caused flare up?

Postby painprincess1 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:05 am

Oh wow yes no sleep will really pull you down big time.that alone is enough to make you feel dead on your feet.add the tooth and pills and your going to feel rough. As pp said give your self time fibro is like a ticking time bomb anything will set it off xxx
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