Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby *Lisa* » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:17 pm

For me the weight gain was lack of mobility and the depression/no motivation plus fatigue levels.

I got into a cycle and couldnt get out.

I have started a low carb diet 5 weeks ago and make sure i do not go above 1,200 cal.

I have almost half my body weight to shift :shock: although this time im not putting pressure on myself and taking each day as it comes because its too easy to look down on the scales each week and feel deflated if you dont loose was you want, this for me tends to stop me from carrying on...

In 5 weeks iv lost 22lb! :mrgreen: i must say tho that bloating was a severe issue and so the low carb diet works well and most of the early weight loss has been water retention plus i am a big girl so expected to loose quiet a bit.

I have started to walk as often as i can, i go by the day. If im really ill with pain i just walk at a slow pace round the block stopping frequantly. If i have a better day i will push further but i always end up crashing out afterwards :shock:

Im hoping once more weight comes off i can exercise more.

2lb may not seem alot to you but its better then 2lb on and 2lb is a good loss :-D and well done! :-D

I hope you manage to achieve your goal :fingerscrossed:
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby Iceskatemum » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:42 pm

Can't add anything else except WELL DONE :welldone: :chicken-dance: ........2lb off deserves recognition. Good luck for future losses.
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby Slocoj91 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:35 pm

2lbs is good!

I've never done any *diets*. I lost nearly 3 stone by counting calories. You can work out how much your body uses, get a HRM and see what you burn whilst doing chores (estimating calories expended in a sedentary lifestyle and adding everything else is more accurate than guessing your activity level). Calorie counting allows me my comfort food in moderation. I know, however, that the bad days have me reaching for treats, for comfort or out of boredom. The bonus to calorie counting is that the weight doesn't come back when you stop, because it can be done for life, and there are websites to make it much easier (I'm on one). And you get 'rewarded' for any activity with more calories. The issue with things like WW is that you still don't know how many calories you're taking in.

I found with counting that I lost weight better and stuck to it more when I went for a lower loss rate (so you eat only a little less than what you use).
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby debsmith » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:11 pm

Hia all

I have put weight on too :( :( when I saw my dr at painclinic I talked to her about it as I'm on pregablin aswell as other,s! And she said its catch 22 don't take these medz u will b in pain! Or take them + gain weight!! What a choice ahhhhh pregablin is a naughty med it does put weight on + I don't eat that much either bummer!! I'm on BuTrans,oramorph,anatriptiline,co-codimal, I don't like not eating sumthing on all this medication as if I don't eat I'm sick quite literaly its a pain in the butt!! Xxxx
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby Tracie » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:23 pm

I would say other factors causes weight gain,I am losing weight
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby Sye » Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:58 pm

To be honest, my doctor told me those with illnesses like Fibromyalgia are prone to weight gain because of the obvious decrease in activity from things we used to do before. Apparently according to my GP a lot of people with Fibromyalgia often start to crave carbohydrates to make up for whatever we're lacking which I can understand so that could influence it as well in addition to any medication we're on.
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Re: Does fibro actually cause weight gain?

Postby sara_elizabeth » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:19 pm

I have to be completely honest (and I think EVERYONE CAN RELATE). Every time my body shuts down because of fibro or I can't be as active as I want to and someone reminds me to do things in phases or add on a little at a time until my body gets used to it....I want to PUNCH THEM. Or hit 'em with something heavy (if I have the energy to lift it...where's that minion when I need it!?)

As much as I HATE all of's right. I am desperately trying to shed weight and eat smart and get to the gym and firstly I feel better when I go (that endorphin high is so real) but for awhile...for me it can be a week or it can be a month my body punishes me for making it work hard. It's that devil fibro at it again, but I just have to keep finding some way to do it every week. For me I try to start off slow, only once a week exercising big time and really pushing myself and then doing just a few minutes every day. Then after awhile I add in another day. Then? Then I REALLY want to just curl up into a ball and die, I'm so sore, why did I do this? I'm so tired, I'm never gonna make it...but my body does adjust. I don't know how but it just learns. My weight is finally coming off, so far I've only dropped a bit (but 2lbs is AMAZING, if you start to say it isn't you will have me right in your ear going :nono: don't put yourself down, talk to us, we know how hard it is!!!) but while I still feel like I look the same and I'm still damn tired ALL THE TIME I am PROUD of myself for somehow getting to the gym and eating the right foods when all I want to do is eat peanut butter cup ice cream (mmmmmmm).

You can do it, the fact that you ARE doing it is amazing! Don't get yourself down for not dropping 100 dress sizes in an instant, this is (sadly) the one race you want to be turtle-esque. Slow and steady life changes are the only way to really make a difference and you are doing BRILLIANT! Just don't forget to still enjoy yourself and don't deny yourself everything great

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