Brain Fog Blues

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Re: Brain Fog Blues

Postby sara_elizabeth » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:55 pm

This thread makes me happy. Not that you all have brain fog issues but that it EXISTS. HALLELUJAH! I try to explain brain fog and nobody gets it. Where would I be without you people!? :grouphug:

I will say to try and help my massive brainfog I just downloaded a free app for my iphone called (I have to go check my phone because I just downloaded the damn thing and I already forgot!) "Way of Life: the Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker" ... 59800?mt=8 and (although after some use it's totally cheeky and really costs £2.99 and that makes me mad, I accidentally locked the app by trying to personalise it and to unlock it I had to pay, not nice developers! :nono: [but I think it will be worth it for my life]) and you have a list of things and you decide if they are good things or bad things and you need to do them every day. So you just put yes you did them or no you didn't. And if you forgot to do them an alarm goes off! Perfect for forgetful me! I'm already adding loads of stuff, making the bed, taking my meds (I am great for bedtime meds but totally awful for morning meds) and my favourite part?

You can keep track if something good happened that day (and there is a little notes function in the app so you can write down what the good thing was so you don't forget!!!)

I'm hoping the app remembers everything I forget on a day to day basis. I'll keep you all updated (provided I can remember to use it...that's why I wanted one with an alarm! I was the girl who bought Ginkgo Biloba but couldn't remember to take it [not a joke, I really did!!! but funny])
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