Social Butterfly.. Without Wings.

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Social Butterfly.. Without Wings.

Postby Sye » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:36 pm

So I managed to get myself some voluntary work with some Vet nurses next week to prepare me for my training within the next few years.I went out to buy my uniform today and ended up collapsing in Primark. I've had a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen and left side of my back all morning since around 4am, I was awake most of the night because of a burning sensation in my skin so I ended up showering. I've also dislocated my knee which is in a brace so landing on that was not the best way to go. I'm so scared for next week I really don't want my body to let me down. Just two weeks I need to get through but I feel like its walking on broken glass to get to the other side :/ I've been going through a relapse this week I think, I've been sleeping 12+ per night, from 11pm to roughly 11-12. Yesterday I couldn't even move until 2pm! Even then I was still exhausted. I really, really hope next week is clear because if i mess this up there goes my chance at becoming a Vet nurse. :(

Sorry for the rant I just needed to get that off my chest. Its nice to have people to rant to that understand where I'm coming from.
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Re: Social Butterfly.. Without Wings.

Postby Garyl » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:16 pm

Sye is hard, Dealing with Fibro. i have had a couple of nights little or no sleep due to pains and burning hands, just have to do best you can see what the doctor can do, i hear you am same have suffered yet not made a appointment to see my doctor myself, been putting it off am going to bite the bullet. I also have problem where my legs give way only sufferers truly understand not many Doctors do. Used to have a good rhuemoltologist who diagnosed the condition and was so upset he could do nothing to help.

Living on my own i do not cause problems for anyone else but myself, as i took the decision many years ago not fair to involve anyone else with my health probs which at the time was my severe Asthma and a cancer tumour, have survived the cancer but now have fibro 8 years.

I feel the same as you
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Re: Social Butterfly.. Without Wings.

Postby nikkinoo » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:07 pm

Hey guys,

I know how you feel, all I ever wanted was to be a vet nurse, I have chickens, a barn owl and 2 horses but I don't do much with them now due to struggling, I'm lucky that Dave my other half does most off the work, I train my owl as she's very light and show my chickens, I can't ride anymore so pretty much lost everything I enjoyed doing... Before I was diagnosed I enrolled with Harper Adams uni through AMTRA doing an SQP course in avian species, meant to sit my exam in sept this year, which I'm so worried I'm not going to be able to do, I have yet to have major surgery to remove my diseased kidney and the remaining one is not coping great, and on top of that coping with fibro which gives me bad cognitive mess up, and the rest of the joys that it brings! Thinking im going to fail, so defo know how you feel.

Gary, one day you may find someone who wants to go through life helping and loving you just as you are, I honestly was going to pack in the whole relationship stuff until I met Dave, he knows all my medical conditions, and I thought that facing dialysis and kidney transplant in my future, that would be enough to scare him off, although he says I'm being morbid I explained everything to him and he's still here, even after finding out I have another chronic condition, fibro. He helps look after me with my mum, lol I was meant to be a carer for his mum but failed in that! I still worry that one day it will be to much for him but he completely wants to be there... Dave is 21 years older than me, I'm 27 and have never been with anyone who cares as much as he does. Your a fighter, clearly, chin up.

Don't block the option out, you never know :-).

I also get the legs not working thing and on the fine line of passing out and its horrible.
I wish both of you the best, and get to the docs. Let us know how things go.
Everyone is always here to help however we can.

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