Flight worries

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Flight worries

Postby Tigereyes » Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:28 pm

After the death of my husband 4 months ago I realised life is sooooo short and I going to Italy to see my son and his family who I haven't seen for 10 years when they came to England. But I am worried with my fibro about the flight and having to transfer to another flight. I am lucky that I can now go from Manston and not have to travel in a car for 1/2 hours to the other airports as I find travelling in a car for more than 15 mins my legs are in agony and achy.

I am very worried how my body and mind are going to react to the journey. Has anyone got any advice please as I am going in 11 days!!!!! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? Rozxxx
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Re: Flight worries

Postby LouLou » Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:33 pm

Hi Tigereyes

Wow Italy!! I've always wanted to go there, especially as we have Italian roots in our family.

I hadn't flown anywhere since being diagnosed with FM until we flew to Greece last year. It was around a 4 hour flight so not too long but like you I too was worried about the effects.

I rested up the day before we flew so I made sure all packing was organised and done 2-3 days before we left and then put any last minute bits and bobs ontop of my case ready to pop in just before leaving for the airport.

I have a lot of my pain in my legs and calves so I wore those inflight socks during the flight.

During the flight I drank plenty of water and I stretched my legs and walked just to the toilets and back every hour or so to avoid becoming stiff. Once we arrived in Greece and at our hotel I rested for a few hours and then went for a gentle walk to stretch my legs again.

For the first few days I must admit I did struggle with the pain and fatigue but that wasn't helped by the fact that:

a) Greece was in the middle of a heatwave when we arrived.
b) We flew over night

Take things easy for the first day or two when you arrive, but make sure you enjoy yourself! I hope you have fun and look forward to hearing about your travels.

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;-)
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Re: Flight worries

Postby whoami » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:24 pm

Enjoy hour trip!

I have flown numerous times with fibro. Quite a few home to Yorkshire. It is sometimes an 8 hour flight and then sometimes depending on the flight another shuttle flight from London to Newcastle.

I can add a few things that help..........I wear shoes with no back so I can slip them off easily. ( my flying clarks, LOL)
..........Wear very comfy clothes. On long flights I go to the toilet and change into track clothes and then change back an hour before landing.
..........You can get help at the airport, explain to your travel agent you have a disability and will need help with luggage and possibly a wheelchair. You will be processed first at the airport and put on the plane first, no standing around.
..........If you are travelling tourist then book your seat where you have extra foot room. If you are in need of a chair to get on the plane that will not be an issue as you will be in the front row.
........ Either take a small pillow or ask for one on the plane. They should also have blankets.

Important............keep all your medications in the original bottles. Do not put into one of those day reminder boxes.
............I get a letter from my Dr explaining all my health conditions as well as listing my medication. I have some very strong medication that is questionable in some countries.
............ Keep your medication with you, not in checked luggage. Do not let other passengers in the airport see what you are carrying. ( Once again, I carry medication that can be sold for a large amount of money to users) Also, keep it with you because if it gets lost it is not easy to replace abroad.

Most Important!!!! Relax and enjoy yourself. This visit has been a long time coming.

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Re: Flight worries

Postby Billsmum » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:52 pm

Hi I've had fibro for at least 14years ( I think?) anyway a long time and have flown to the USA several times. As long as you can manage to get up and walk around. Get your shoes off, do the ankle, legs, arm and neck exercises, at least once an hour or so. Make sure you have a blanket and pillow to keep warm. The hardest thing to cope with I found was the time difference, that really threw me for several days. But as I was on holiday I didn't mind, it was when I came home and had to go back to work, I really suffered. In the end I started working my shifts so I had an extra day or two off.
The thing that has helped me cope with my FM, is yoga, meditation and my TENS machine, couldn't manage without it, take that on the plane as well. Oh, and one of those pillows you can plugged an mp player into, brilliant for the night, when you can't sleep.

Enjoy your hols and don't worry about the flight, you will be fine.
Keep smiling and the world smiles with you :-)
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