I feel so isolated

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I feel so isolated

Postby Kiara » Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:44 pm

I have been living with full body fibromyalgia for over 3years now, and i've slowly suffered all the stages and flare-ups until now i have to use a wheel chair and i rely solely on my husband . He gave up his work as a yoga instructor to become my full-time carer. He has never complained and is so caring but i have also watched him become my carer and i have lost my husband, we don't have a relationship like normal married couples do, and i miss this side of my marriage so much. Over the years i have watched my daughter walk away simply because she just doesn't understand my illness and she blamed me for not being there for her and my grandchildren, so now i don't see any of them This Breaks My Heart :cry: I have lost so much of my independence too and my life consists of getting up for a few hours, each day varies, sitting watching tv and very rarely getting out. I feel so isolated . I know that there is a Fibromyalgia support group near me that holds meetings every last Monday of the month, I have told myself that i MUST try my best to go for it will do me good to meet other people. However life isn't that easy is it. I simply feel lost ; invisible; and i mourn my life that was :cry:
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Re: I feel so isolated

Postby Minniemum » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:14 pm

I was so sad when I read your post, we certainly do have an awful condition on so many levels.
There is no cure, we are in pain that doesn't respond to regular pain relief. We don't really ever look as sick as we feel. Often those around us think we are attention seeking, and getting a Doctor who is prepared to admit they don't know exactly what to do to make us feel better, but is willing to face the challenge we represent and takes the time to read up on treatments.

Putting all that together with reduced mobility, insomnia and fatigue, is certainly a bunch of reasons why some of us get depressed.

When folks ask me about my condition, I tell them it's very complex and it would be better if they Googled it for themselves.

I'm so sorry your daughter isn't sympathetic to you, may be if you wrnote her a letter, if you told her how much you miss her and the children, she may think about what you've told her over a few days and then call you or pop in for a visit. All the marriage stuff is a different matter. Many of us are in that place one way or another.

Keep on keeping on, it's what we do.xx
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