Wish I had more energy!!!

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Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby Lizzyear » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:55 pm

Hi Fibro friends,
Well today has not been good. I got up and dressed and tried yo go down and work, (I work from home). But just felt so exhausted, I went back to bed and have been there all day. Looking at the lovely sunshine and wishing I could just be out in it. Know I couldn't go on a walk, but would have been happy to go out in my buggy just to feel the sun on me.
So feeling a bit unhappy and frustrated at yet again the fibro has beaten me!!
Thanks for reading my rant.
Hope you are all having a better day.
Gentle hugs,
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby Garyl » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:24 pm

Lizzyear we all need to rant, i have spent most of today between nipping to pay bills at the post office, sleeping at my keyboard lol :) .
I try to keep my brain going by doing quizzes one took me 20 mins to complete as i drifted off.

I only wish i could drift off as easy at night when in bed. Still as i say there are worse then me out there with this dispicable illness.

I keep smiling and telling myself keep going you fool.
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby hazely » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:46 pm

I wish I had more energy too and think that is the worse thing about fibro having to slow down and take it easy and realising i can't do the things I used to do or would like to be doing. Today I managed 2 hours of work and then had to lay down as felt really unwell and then went to sleep. So i missed the sun too. It is supposed to be mostly nice all weekend so hopefully we will feel better tomorrow and manage to see a glimpse of the sun and not just through the window. xx
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby humphreys » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:52 pm

Hi All. Ha Ha with me it's running round at 100mph or a 0mph, when I take my meds in the morning I feel great after half hour and could do summer solts, then as the day goes on I get slower and slower, by the time I get home from work, I'm knackered.
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby Lizzyear » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:12 pm

Thanks for your posts.
Usually I rise above the 'fibro monster'. But today I have found it hard. As we all know it takes a lot of energy fighting this illness daily. I'm sure I will pick myself up tomorrow. Like many of us, I'm a do'er rather than a watcher.............it's a new skill having yo learn to pace!
Hope you all have a good evening.
Take care x
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby FluppyPuffy » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:13 pm

Energy.........what's that :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
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Re: Wish I had more energy!!!

Postby Kiara » Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:06 pm

I feel like i am living in a fuzzy cloud, sometimes if i am lucky it will lift and i will be reminded of the person i am outside the cloud, but only too soon it engulfs me again. My aim ??? to lift this cloud and learn to walk outside and enjoy the world outside and breathe fresh air. Hoping this isn't just a dream . Hope you have a nice day xx
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