What made me think I could

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What made me think I could

Postby painprincess1 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:54 pm

Well today the sun was out and the door wide open as the council tired to fix a leak that's not there for 2hours I was frozen grrr. Anyway I think whet in the garden I want it nice so my little girl can play so I cut down some trees . No don't get me wrong I wasn't out there was a saw taking down oak trees lol they were tall the ones butterfly's love anyway these were about 15 foot high so I took off 6foot. I then pruned a few small over grown plants in the garden that no one looked after in years.i was very pls with myself and come in with Lavinia to dry.i got in a warm bath thinking I'd be ok.oh dear while I wasn't looking someone ripped both my arms off .i was going in town. But found myself half asleep on the sofa .im so fed up is it just the fibro or am I now just unfit I'd punch a pillow but even that would hurt
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Re: What made me think I could

Postby Emmaxx » Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:32 pm

No ya not painprincess I was thinking the same on fri I felt ok thought right I'm going 2 get my garden sorted 4 the kids so I clean out the shed fri weeded and cut the grass painted the shed ect was very happy with myself and thought yes I can do stuff still maybe I'm getting better was I wrong after a rough sleep sat night I woke up and couldn't even move every bone in my body hurt I'm still in pain 2day. That will teach me lol not gd I have work 2night :( will not be doing that again lol xxx

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Re: What made me think I could

Postby denys » Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:33 am

Oh dear we never learn :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: with a bit of luck you wont have the extra hurties for too long and at least you have the satisfaction of seeing your achievements :-D :-D :-D

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Re: What made me think I could

Postby debsmith » Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:34 pm

Hia all

I think we all try and do stuff when we have "good" days if u know what I mean?

Same as I don't learn either but when ur grandson wants to go + look 4 frogs etc at park how can u refuse! U can't can u, it was lovely tho and gentle walk but flippin heck the next day Bang!! OUCHY!!!

So frustrating my brain says do this,do that but........... :cry: :cry: :( so so frustrating!!! Then beat my self up ( not ) literaly lol then get grumpy :(

Roll on sun but not to hot! Hugs 2all xxx
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