Hmm" this is weird:))

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Hmm" this is weird:))

Postby Tel1 » Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:52 pm

Hi all

I know I have put a few other articles on here about what I have gone through.... but tonight, I thought AHH!! I forgot to mention this.

You know when you are hungry and you a cooking your dinner, I often look at my hands and they look kind of normal,
but after I have eaten say a normal sized dinner I can feel my hands slightly swelling as though they are filling up with
water!!! :yikes: If I look at my hands on top they look normal but if I turn them upwards they look sort of puffy, and then
after a few hours if I look they are back to normal again... Also after I have actually cooked the dinner and put it on the table and then sit down to eat it, sometimes I feel as though I am having a tired episode as though I haven't got enough strength to eat, then it
passes and then I eat as normal....I have been tested for about everything there is with blood tests over the years and thankfully everything come back alright... but this I do find rather weird with no real explanation.. :yikes: !! Just wondered if anyone else gets this? Happy Easter to all... :-)
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Re: Hmm" this is weird:))

Postby elaineann521 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:06 am

yes by the end of the day my whole body is swollen to twice the size but by the morning its back to normal again.also my knuckles swell as though i have arthritis then they go down again
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Re: Hmm" this is weird:))

Postby jezebellow » Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:22 am

Hiya, I have an explanation! I hope that I can explain it well enough for it to make sense to you. It is intracellular fluid. Foods that we eat either leave an acid or alkaline ash. When we eat foods that leave an acid ash in our cells, our body holds on to fluid to protect itself. Then when our body neutralises again, our cells release the fluid. Acid ash foods are mainly the protein foods and alkaline ash foods are mainly the fruit and veg. If you google acid and alkaline foods you should get a comprehensive list. The thing then is to eat alkaline ash foods with the acid foods to balance it out. Hope this helps. :-)
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Re: Hmm" this is weird:))

Postby mandiw » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:52 am

I know what you mean re being tired after cooking. Sometimes after cooking a meal and I sit down I wonder if I really want to eat because it feels I am too tired to chew, after a big meal like a Sunday roast is especially bad.
My hands swell up a lot though. They often feel much too big and a bit numb too. Also when I touch things they feel weird too.
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Re: Hmm" this is weird:))

Postby Tel1 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:33 pm

Thanks all to replied;; Interesting:))) The trouble is... do I actually have the same as you guys have explained...?
I just think it is me going slowly insane, and that my body has a life and brain of it's own :yikes:

the hardest thing I think for all of us is, that with this Fibro, there just seems to be a never ending list of different and
new symptoms, so taking that on board I just think that it is not just about our brains not working properly, it just must
be out organs not working properly either and nothing seems to put them all in tip top order again.

When I see people in a wheelchair with no legs or something like that, I just say to myself.. ( shut up moaning )
but then again, what we all experience is just a never ending feeling of feeling not right... I myself, have pains,
IBS, numbness, depression, feeling as though I am going into another world, panic attacks...but to name a few.
3 doctors diagnosed me with Fibro.. thank god that's all it is, but having said that, look at the state we all get ourselves in
because of this Fibro....most people just think I am mental:)) and they don't think anything is wrong with me.. the trouble is,
IS there actually anything really wrong with us? and is this Fibro just a myth... I have asked so many doctors does Fibro make you anxious, or does Anxiety make you have Fibro...? but none of them could answer that which makes me think, Fibro is about our
body makeup not being as it once was and that is why we notice things that aren't right from how we once knew.
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