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Postby FluppyPuffy » Fri May 16, 2014 12:35 pm

animegirl808 wrote:Endo.... As in endometriosis? I have that too :(

There does seem to be a number of FM~ers who also have endometriosis, which could suggest a possible association or link between the conditions.
animegirl808 wrote:You can have fibro and ME????

You can definitely have both conditions together, I'm one of the ones who has both cards in their collection. It came about with me really struggling with fatigue. Blood tests showed I had Diabetes, which can cause additional fatigue, but when subsequent tests showed that the Diabetes was starting to be controlled, but fatigue wasn't improving, as well as all the other tests being within expected ranges, this led to a referral to our CFS/ME Service, which confirmed the CFS/ME dx.

Blood tests tend to be one of the first lot of tests carried out as they can provide indicators that can lead to various conditions being dx'd. And depending on how things go, needing to have them repeated at stages along the way isn't too unusual either.

In March/April/May 2013, there was a lot of media buzz about a simple blood test that claimed it was the first test available that can dx FM. This linky has more info about the FM/a® test. And this linky to the actual FM/a® test site has a lot more detail. I've been doing a bit of lookying about results relating to the test, but haven't been able to find much about how things have been going .
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